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Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 7, HTC and Huawei: flash sales and rumors! – Edcom

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Deals on iPhone 5S, information about the future iPhone 7 and the next Apple Keynote, .. But also new rumors about the HTC One M10 and Huawei P9 and launch orders for the new samsung Galaxy S7. A week again rich news regarding ‘smartphone’ but also among our operators that continue to offer flash sales or repayment deals on devices to attract new subscribers! Choose from all the week’s news selected by your comparison EDCOM.


HTC he will rename the HTC One M10 in HTC 10?

the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has not taken advantage of the Mobile World Congress 2016 to unveil its latest high-end smartphone HTC One M10. Indeed, the future of the brand smartphone is expected only for the month of April. And according to the latest information circulating on the web it is simply called the HTC 10 and not the HTC One M10! … »Read more

The HTC One A9 promo Bouygues Telecom!

You can currently enjoy a rebate of 50 € on the HTC One to the A9 March 31, 2016 at Bouygues Telecom. This HTC smartphone is up to you € 379.90 instead of € 429.90 after rebate of 50 €. Recall that this operator offers until March 20 a 10 € per month on packages B & amp; YOU 3GB and for 6 months. Other info, the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC HTC should offer new high-end smartphone in April and it should be called the HTC 10. … »read follows


Have you already received your new Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge? Its price among different operators …

You’re probably lucky to be part of today enjoy the new Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge! Since the opening of pre-orders on 22 February, the operators Bouygues Telecom, Orange, SFR or Free Mobile offered you receive before anyone else the last jewel Samsung with first deliveries today, March 8 ! And if you have not placed your order, remember that you can receive as a gift a helmet Gear VR (virtual reality) for any pre made before March 11. … »Read more

The Huawei P9 he will be available in early April?

According to the latest rumors on the web, the new smartphone Huawei could see P9 the day in a few weeks, specifically early April. There is even talk that Huawei could tomorrow unveil its latest high-end smartphone at a press conference in Berlin. … »Read more


iPhone 7S: A large OLED display in 2017

While we waited instead for 2018? Apple could eventually propose in 2017 a larger screen. The aptly named ‘iPhone 7S’ planned for 2017 would have indeed a screen of 5.8 inches and OLED technology. If the iPhone OS is about to be unveiled to him on March 21 at the Apple Keynote, the California firm is active behind the scenes and is already preparing the future … … »read more


Samsung Galaxy S7 (S7 or edge): Last day to receive your Gear VR headset

You have until tonight to order your new Samsung Galaxy S7 ( S7 or edge) and receive a gift GEAR VR helmet to live an amazing visual experience. Indeed, until March 10 if you order one of the new Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung offers a virtual reality helmet. Remember also that the operator Orange offers up tonight for the purchase of the new Samsung immediate discount of 30 € with the promo code PLAY30 and subscription to an Origami Play 4GB or 8GB package. … »Read more

Free Mobile: The Honor 7 to price very Free

Free Mobile operator offers up to March 31 at 7 smartphone Honor price! Free very namely € 269 instead of € 319 thanks to a deferred payment of € 50. With Honor 7, you will live a very intuitive user experience through impressive design and perfectly coordinated components. To recall, the operator Free Mobile has published this morning its annual results 2015 and now has nearly 12 million mobile subscribers. … »Read more

Samsung Galaxy S7: The perfect companion for your photos

In addition to being a high-performance phone, the new Samsung Galaxy S7 (or S7 edge) is also a fantastic camera. Whether indoors or at night, the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge is even better for perfect images even in very low light. This smartphone will be your perfect companion to capture all your memories … … »read more


End of suspense on the iPhone OS or 5SE March 21 next …

Here it is Apple’s Keynote is fixed, it will be held on March 21! If we already know that the new version of the iPhone will be a mini version (can be 4-inch screen), very clever is the one who knows his name. Will he speak to you of a SE iPhone or iPhone 5SE? What are its physical characteristics? and especially at what price will you have it? Not to mention the rumors about the iPad Air 3 could well be launched on March 21 also. Back on a particularly turbulent start to the year, Edcom day after day you traces the evolution of rumors … … »read more

Flash Sale SOSH: 80 € discount on the Huawei P8 Mystic champagne for 3 days

Looking for a great smartphone cheap without committing yourself to an operator? Since this morning, know that you can benefit from € 50 instant discount and repaid € 30 on the Huawei P8 Mystic Champagne and until 14 March 2016 at 23:59. With Sosh, digital brand engagement and without operator Orange, the Huawei P8 returns you to € 319 instead of € 399 after the deferred payment of € 30 proposed by SOSH until April 6, 2016 on selected terminals . Take the opportunity to combine the two specials this weekend, especially as the SOSH deals just been boosted by data without increasing subscription prices! … »Read more

Your accessory Samsung Galaxy S7 100% refunded with Bouygues Telecom

The Bouygues Telecom, like its competitors, put the package for marketing of Samsung Galaxy S7, and its Edge version 2 latest models of the south Korean manufacturer. In order to encourage one of its jewels with Bouygues, the operator offers a new commercial operation until 10 April: You will be reimbursed the full price of your accessory for any purchase of Samsung Galaxy S7 ( or edge) with the purchase or renewal of a sensation package before 10 April 2016. all the terms of this exclusive promo Bouygues Telecom between another valid on the keg of virtual reality Samsung Gear VR: … »read following

the iPhone 5S flash sale at 79 € SFR until Monday, March 14 at midnight

1,2,3, … goooooo for the Week- flash sale SFR end! This concerns both the iPhone 5s. To purchase the iPhone 5s 16GB sidereal gray or white, the operator at the red square gives you an immediate discount of 30 € until Monday, March 14, 2016 at midnight to any application for a Starter package from 1GB € 19.99 per month, too Hot! … »Read more


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