Sunday, March 13, 2016

Supporters of Macron launch the think-tank “La Libre Left” –


by Michel Rose

PARIS (Reuters) – Supporters of Minister Emmanuel Macron Economy launched Saturday thinktank “La Libre Left”, a instrument that could serve the ambitions lent the young 38 year old banker entered politics by François Hollande.

Emmanuel Macron, whose star grows day after day it becomes a little thorn the left of the Socialist Party, is not the cause of this “think tank”, told Reuters one of its founders, Peter Person, 27.

“we did not given his blessing but he was interested in the thing and we said, ‘go for it’, “he has explained in the premises of a start-up of the eleventh arrondissement of Paris, where more than 200 people gathered Saturday.

“he traded with us for 30 seconds. that made him laugh and he smiled at us with a knowing look.”

collective “Young with Macron” (Jam) which is the origin of “La Libre Left” denies wanting to create a PS competitor movement to carry a possible candidacy of their champion for president in 2017.

“we do not want to destroy the Socialist Party would prefer that it changes from within, but I think today we have to be outside to change,” says Peter Person. “From the inside, you can not change the PS. This is an elected party, he lost a lot of members. It is no longer representative of the left electorate.”

“it is defined much like a start-up policy,” he says. “We’re trying to change a bit the classic model of partisan engagement,” he added.

The next step is the launch of antennas at the departmental level in order to make a decentralized collective.


the aim is to influence the action and program of the left, as Emmanuel Macron has done with his law of economic liberalization which has been imposed by force in Parliament, or the labor code reform bill that raises opposition from trade unions and the left of the PS.

“in government, the person who embodies the more hope, that embodies this opportunity to say ‘no, we are not forced to downgrade, so globalization is an opportunity, we must open up to the world’, there one person in government who also does well is Emmanuel Macron, “says co-founder of the movement.

The latter made his PS map in 2012 and said to have “a little tired of being represented by people for whom politics is their only job. They never really lived what a job interview in private. “

in the premises of the start-up Seekube, one could meet the Pascal Terrasse MP who defended himself to be” in the process organize networks of Emmanuel Macron. “

” It will be organized in due course perhaps, but with an organization, not to prepare an election for himself, but to prepare the election for the left in 2017, “said he told Reuters, saying that Emmanuel Macron was” fully invested with the President of the Republic “.

the Economy Minister has not denied this week on France Inter that he wanted to “do more” for France, while the magazines L’Express and L’Observateur devoted their “a” to the “Macron rocket” would be ready to enter orbit.

“I’m not going to deny that I want to do more for the country, I love the public good, so that you will not hear me deny this, but I have wanted to create a current of the Socialist Party or enter the device subjects I am a stranger, no, “he said.

(Edited by Yves Clarisse)


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