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One million signatures for the petition against the Labour Law: what next? – The Obs

The million! The petition, “ labor law: no thank you” launched on 18 February by the activist Caroline de Haas, against labor reform, just beat a record that will remain in the annals of history the French subsidiary of the American group Never in France as many signatures had been collected online, let alone in such a short time. The petition exceeds, by far, the one on the end of the food waste to the chosen of Courbevoie, Arash Derambarsh and that of Elise Lucet on the directive concerning the “commercial confidentiality”. With Avaaz, the other big platform, the largest French petition for freedom of expression after the attacks against Charlie Hebdo, collects “only” 807,000 signatures.

And that’s not the only record won by the petition:

  • has collected the most signatures on the day of its launch (53,962)
  • it experienced the biggest peak of signatures in one day in France with 126,969 clicks Tuesday, February 23.
  • it collected the most signatures per day on average (73,000).
  • a global group, this petition was the most viral during the launch week.

And that’s not all. According to figures provided by the company, the petition alone attracts 20% of site traffic now. To date, it still appears in the top 4 petitions the most shared and most viewed.

16th World

The consecration of million up this petition in top 20 “millionaires petitions” signed the most in the world on, in 16th place. Among those who have exceeded one million, there are emblematic subjects as demand prosecution for the policeman who shot Trayvon Martin (2.2 million signatures) initiated by the parents, or one that demanded impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff after several corruption cases (nearly 1.5 million). The first is a petition against the dog meat festival in Yulin in China not count less than 4.4 million signatures.

To celebrate this success, the initiators of the petition were even associated with Mediapart website for a special evening live Friday, March 4 named # 1milliondenonmerci.

This strong media attention is warranted. Furthermore, the fact that this petition has managed to partially bend the government on certain provisions of the bill that it was willing to discuss the Franco-French nature of the petition in the light of its size has made a true object of study

work Act. what will remain, what will change

race signatures

this race takes grail million symbolic strong especially as the authors of the petition, Caroline de Haas, on the frontline, have marked the campaign to strike regular updates sent to the signatories, creating a lot of suspense and excitement.

300.000, 500.000, 700.000 … each time a threshold was reached or a new news fell in the media on the subject, the petitioners received an email from self-congratulation that invited relaying always more the petition to pass the next track.

“This has helped to motivate the signatories to go further,” said Benjamin of Gachons, director of France. We went from the first act signed to a series of mobilizing actions. A connected dialogue was created between concerned citizens and policy makers have considered this unprecedented mobilization, coming nourish and strengthen the petition. The signatories come back on the platform to participate in actions that their offers Caroline de Haas. “

Thus, the operation” Daycause “which was to tweet a large number of users on the subject at the same time like an avalanche of tweets.

to explain this inexorable march toward the million, Benjamin of Gachons also mentions that the petition has “taken a form and a face” on behalf of interactions and personalities who took part in the debate.

a million what is it?

to further measure that represents one million signatories, simply make comparisons. for the site Atlantico , political science researcher, Christopher Bouillaud, and Jerome Fourquet of Ifop, lent themselves to this game quite significant as signatories only represented 700,000 people.

Thus, according to their calculations, signatories represent 1% of the electorate, active 1 of 21, and most of all activists and militants of the right and left together. “To be taken seriously,” so as Christophe Bouillaud. “We’re on a mass mobilized on a technically complicated subject to explain, commenting and reflecting, it makes sense,” agrees director of

This figure shows a Million strong revival of how to engage in politics, as a citizen, beyond the traditional forms that are proposed between the parties and trade unions. “

But is that the number is petition and although not necessarily for the Gachons Benjamin: “When the figure is hard, of course it makes the inevitable petition ca reflects a true diffuse movement in society on the theme that is a major concern of the French, employment. But be aware that in the world, every hour we see a so-called petition victorious’.

There are a small number of phenomenal petitions such as Caroline de Haas, but there are also a phenomenal number of small invisible petitions to long tail that have a local impact and limited but much sense “

He added:”. The incarnation of a petition is also talk of she. Remember this young student of 20 years, Melanie, who demanded transparency on the composition buffer. We were on a number of smaller but we were on such a strong history signatures that did speak. “

What next?

In addition to opening the debate the petition raised, the project initiators do not hide their desire to materialize this commitment started on the net. There are already several mechanisms to carry a petition to decision-makers, very few applied as fairly rigid.

  • The 2010 law allows the Cese (economic, social and environmental) to decide on a petition that collected half a million signatures. But it may instead issue an advisory opinion. C is what had made the opponents of marriage for all who had collected 700,000 signatures;
  • the reform of the 2008 Constitution allows 1 / 5th of parliament (185 MPs) to file a bill if supported by one tenth of the electorate (4.6 million French) sign a petition. But not vice versa.
  • Finally, more complex to organize because with many safeguards the European citizens’ initiative may invite the European Commission to address an issue if a petition gathers one million EU citizens from at least one quarter of Member States.

Benjamin of Gachons not need to go that far. Some tools is the limited and local, are even more accessible and work very well. “In Paca, in Marseille, a petition has led to the cancellation of a grant of 400,000 euros for a paid concert David Guetta in 2013. A section of the city council rules then allow the use of the petition.”

Caroline de Haas, is, too, modest face his action. If she is satisfied with the success of the petition, and does not hesitate to say on her Twitter account, she knows that this petition can not achieve the desired effect without the mobilization of an entire segment of the population that is not not on social networks, or even on the internet. And she is determined, like his comrades, to take to the streets on March 9 to protest the call of several youth movements and citizens.

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