Saturday, March 5, 2016

The petition against the draft law goes beyond the El Khomri million signatures – Liberation

The online petition against the proposed El Khomri Reform Act of labor law has surpassed the one million signatures Friday, two weeks after its launch, breaking all records in France. Friday, February 19 launched by community activists and trade unionists, including the feminist Caroline de Haas, the petition posted on 1,042,115 supporters Saturday morning around 11 am.

It is ahead of petition against the EU directive on trade secrets (more than 512 000 signatures) and those requesting a presidential pardon for Jacqueline Wild, convicted for murdering her abusive husband (almost 436 000 signatures), which was eventually granted by the President of the Republic François Hollande.

Entitled “Labour law: no thank you,” the petition against Bill El Khomri ask the Minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri to abandon this bill, disputed to the PS . Last week, the minister had met the protesters on the petition site

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the controversial bill notably includes corporate referendums to validate minority agreements, a cap prud’homales compensation for unfair dismissal, or changes in economic severance terms of account creation staff activity (CPA) brings together social rights

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Despite the postponement of its presentation to the Cabinet, from 9 to 24 March to allow time for the Government to “rework” the mobilization against this text is amplified. Youth organizations, including the UNEF, and trade unions, including the CGT and FO have called for demonstrations on March 9 against a proposed “breaks the Labour Code,” before a day of strikes and demonstrations for his withdrawal on March 31.

the unions called “reformist” (CFDT, CFE-CGC, CFTC, UNSA) and Fage (students) are demanding their side changes “in depth”. To discuss it, Prime Minister Manuel Valls to receive one to one trade union and employers organizations representative from Monday, March 7.

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