Saturday, March 5, 2016

China aims for 2016 growth “of 6.5% to 7%” (Government) –

Aries ( )

You take any remarks seriously. You lack hindsight, both at work and in your love life


Taurus ()

You spend most of your time arguing. Your job performance is affected


Gemini ()

this is a great day, although some lively discussions are possible by tonight.

Cancer ()

After the efforts you have made in recent weeks, it is normal that you finally have the return of your room.

Lion ()

An unexpected event strongly affects your morale. You feel depressed, inconsolable


Madonna ()

At work, you are not disturbed by the obstacles you face. You know pass over


Balance ()

an easy choice if you want to improve a situation that tends to go on forever.

Scorpio ()

Do not get too excited. This is not because of the rumors at work that you are directly affected


Sagittarius ()

You continue your efforts to reach your goals despite delays or setbacks


Capricorn ()

family life is serene and balanced your relationship. You do projects together


Aquarius ()

imponderables require you to quickly change your tune. You act in an emergency


Fish ()

You grow to very good relations with your entourage. Your joy of living is very communicative.


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