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Nuclear: Fessenheim will close in 2016, ensures Emmanuelle Cosse – Le Parisien

“The timing (of the closure of Fessenheim) is the one that I said many times the president, it’s 2016,” said the minister in an interview to the “Grand jury “RTL-Le Figaro-LCI.

“The president has pledged to close Fessenheim by the end of 2016. That is the date,” said insisted the former leader of Europe Ecology-Greens (EELV).

Approached by AFP, the Ministry of Ecology declined to comment immediately about the Emmanuelle Cosse. The Minister for Ecology and Energy, Segolene Royal, has asked EDF in October to begin the closing procedure of the Alsatian plant by “the end of June 2016″, for an effective closure in 2018. for “to close two reactors at Fessenheim like it is not enough by turning a knob,” she had said earlier.

 Last September, Hollande declared that Fessenheim, in service since 1977, would not close in 2016 as planned, due to the delay in the construction site of the EPR nuclear reactor at Flamanville (Manche).

ASN considers the level of security “broadly satisfactory”

on Friday, Berlin reiterated its desire for close Fessenheim “asap”, citing a “security risk” posed by his age. German media said that an incident April 9, 2014 at Fessenheim would have been greater announced by EDF and the French authorities. Close to Germany and Switzerland, on an earthquake fault and below the Rhine, this central source of concern for environmentalists French, German and Swiss for years.

“From the point of view of nuclear safety, there is no reason to close the Fessenheim plant “currently, countered on Friday nuclear safety Authority (ASN), judging the level of” overall satisfactory “safety. Citing a need for “further work”, the Ministry of the Environment has indefinitely postponed this week a meeting scheduled next Tuesday to trace the main lines of development of energy sources by 2023, as part of application of the law on the energy transition.

in late February, subject to the advice of ASN, Ségolène Royal had called “ready” to extend by ten years the life of French stations except Fessenheim. This decision would be compatible with it by reducing the share of nuclear power from 75% to 50% in electricity production in France by 2025.

doubts Eric Woerth

“it’s a funny idea,” said Sunday night on France 5 MP Republicans Eric Woerth, before continuing: “first, I do not think it is at all decision-making on the subject, it is the Minister of Housing. Nuclear power is extremely important, there is an energy transition law will not be respected. I do not see how one can spend in 2025 to 50% when nuclear is 75% today. It is clear that we must extend the life of the plants. “

Border countries Fears

In addition Fessenheim , other French central concern abroad. The German Greens have recently exposed flaws in the security of the plant Cattenom (Moselle), neighboring Germany and Luxembourg, they have compared to “a car whose brakes would not work” and they demand ” immediate closure. “

in Switzerland, the canton and city of Geneva announced this week it had filed a complaint against X” for deliberately endangering the lives of others and water pollution “about Central Bugey, Ain. Clarification needed to be made on Monday by their lawyer, Corinne Lepage, former Minister of Environment of the Juppé government.

MAP. French nuclear power plants, their age and power


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