Sunday, March 6, 2016

Labour law: Manuel Valls promises “improvements” on the tribunal and redundancies –

Manuel Valls promises “improvements” of the Labour Act “colon” the setting of scales of pay and industrial tribunals the definition of redundancy, in an interview with Journal du Dimanche.

Asked on the demands of reformist unions (CFDT, CFE-CGC, CFTC, UNSA) of ‘including the end of the of scales for industrial tribunal and a stricter definition of redundancies, “the prime minister replied:” these two points will of course, be improved. “

” as regards the setting of scales for industrial tribunals, layout expected by business leaders, adaptations may be possible without the challenge. We will discuss “, he promises.

the reformist unions demand the withdrawal of the article on the capping of industrial tribunals in unfair dismissal compensation. The original text states that the damages do not exceed 15 months’ salary depending on seniority. Practice is one month’s salary per year of service.

Regarding the redundancy, the text provides that the company’s economic difficulties are characterized (decrease in turnover, orders, losses operation). Reformers want the judges to continue to “appreciate the reality of economic difficulties.”

“Never mentioned the idea to implement the 49-3″

Asked about a possible appeal at 49-3 to push through the bill supported by the Minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri, he says he has “never mentioned the idea to implement the 49- 3 “.

One day after submitting the project to the Council of State, Ms. El Khomri had however suggested that it did not exclude the use of 49-3, claiming she and Manuel Valls “assume their responsibilities” facing a parliamentary debate “very fed”

statements nuanced by Manuel Valls in his interview with JDD. “Myriam El Khomri simply reminded that we would pay our responsibilities and. our responsibility is to complete the text with the necessary amendments. “

” i, i want to convince the Socialists left radicals, environmentalists approve this law but i want the law also reflects the agreement of all those who want to reform the country, “said the Prime Minister.

” There is a majority for reform among the social partners, as the Parliament, I am convinced. Those who think that this law goes in the right direction must approve or vote. We can not oppose it only because it comes from the other side. Everyone must take responsibility. We need to reform the labor law as our neighbors have done, “said he

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