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End of the 53rd Agricultural Fair marked by the livestock crisis – La Croix

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President Francois Hollande and the Minister of Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll wipe boos and jeers at salon Agriculture, 27 February 2016 / POOL / AFP

The Agricultural Fair, which ended Sunday was marked by an unprecedented uproar against President François Hollande, expressing anger and despair of farmers squeezed by the crisis farming.

more than 611,000 visitors have walked the aisles of the largest farm in France for nine days, according to its organizers, a figure down 11% from 2015, when the show was received 691,000 visitors.

“We experienced the attacks of 13 November, the farm crisis, economic crisis,” said President of the Show, Jean-Luc Poulain, to explain this decline, to reporters .

The edition 2016 was indeed marked by the crisis in several agricultural sectors, including livestock.

Since the inauguration, angry farmers showed their discomfort in welcoming President Francois Hollande with boos accompanied by insults and calls for the resignation.

“It is completely not care about us “,” Bum “,” we are not migrants “,” Asshole “,” Manure “, these farmers did not mince their words, expressing the despair of a profession the brink.

Then the FNSEA dozens of protesters dismantled the stand of the Ministry of Agriculture and protested blows whistle, prompting riot police to intervene.

– more short visit of the Five –

the head of state left the room after about six hours to visit, is the shortest since the start of his five-year

. two days later, breeders reserved a welcome tense but without violence Manuel Valls. The Prime Minister received representatives of livestock sectors and sought to reassure them.

It is also what has sought to make the European Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan – whose Marine Le Pen said “want the skin” – that made a discreet visit to Wednesday living without walk down the aisle but taking part in a meeting with Minister Stéphane Le Foll and representatives of french breeding.

“This show has been outstanding in terms of exchange and capacity listening between visitors, politicians and farmers, “says Mr Poulain, noting that politicians have repeatedly been exchanges of half an hour with farmers” against five minutes usual. “

for the president of the FNSEA, Xavier Beulin, “the show has rather positive encounters, as with Commissioner Phil Hogan: professionals have been able to explain their problems and the solutions they believe in put in place to respond “as the limiting production tools (withdrawal of market surpluses) and export support.

But the 53rd Agricultural Fair” will remain an issue exceptional, with a very difficult state of mind at the start, “he says. “It fell, but the anger and confusion are still there.”

In addition to measures at European level, farmers are waiting for the State to take the lead on the relationship between supermarkets and suppliers by reviewing the Economic Modernisation Act (LME ), while the annual negotiations just ended in a tense atmosphere.

“If we have to legislate to regulate more we will do,” warned Manuel Valls Monday. Hollande had already announced two days ago that he wanted to change the LME “before the summer” to protect producers.

Meanwhile, farmers have received support from the general public.

visitors “trying to understand, ask what they can do to help us, 90% said it + is + with you,” he told AFP Louis Gauthier, farmer in the Somme.

“Everyone wants to buy the T-shirts” black with the words “I am breeder, I die,” he said.



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