Sunday, March 6, 2016

Labour Code: they will hold good? – Le Figaro

Social Movements, student demonstration: executive addresses a week at high risk. Faced with the revolt against the law Khomri El Manuel Valls promises “improvements” to convince the left to support it.

This is the week all hazards Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls. “A week very difficult” for the executive, according to a close associate of President. Concerned, this draft labor law that never ceases to make waves and appears as a legislative ball to a little more than a year of presidential elections in 2017. As the constitutional revision which will, from Wednesday, examined by the law Committee of the Senate

opponents of the text. – which notably provides relief in redundancy and introduces the benefits of scales for industrial tribunals – will give voice in next days. An event is scheduled for Wednesday in the streets of Paris, to the call of the UNEF and several schoolgirls organizations. Protesters unions – the CGT in mind – will be added to this mobilization. By coincidence, a strike call had been previously launched in the SNCF and RATP to this same Wednesday.

In this state of emergency period and then they never end not to fall in the polls, the executive couple could therefore be faced with a wide front of demonstrators. That would be a first since the start of the five-year period. Some parliamentarians also expect the worst. “Obviously it’s hot, ‘says a heavyweight in the Senate.

” I am surprised that there is a flood of kids in the streets of Paris “

on the government side, it nevertheless careful not completely sink into pessimism. “I will be surprised that there is a flood of kids in the streets of Paris, said a government source. But as it has been four years that no major events in this country, people can also choose this time to mobilize. From 50,000 protesters, it will be significant. “At this point, in any case, the success of the petition launched there two weeks by the former Socialist activist Caroline De Haas is undeniable. The million signatures was reached Friday night. Sunday at 17 pm, the petition had collected more than one million one hundred thousand signatures.

During the week, Valls try to find the pathways with the reformist unions, the CFDT head. It receives in fact earlier this week representatives of trade unions of employees and employers. Tuesday night, it will bring together PS deputies in connection with a seminar devoted exclusively to this text.

And, before that, Monday evening, the Minister of Labour, Myriam El Khomri will attend the National Office PS. Objective: To try to let off steam in the socialist ranks, where the text goes very wrong. Worse since the criticisms made by Martine Aubry catalyzed opposition. “I want to convince socialists, radical left, environmentalists approve this law but I want the law also reflects the agreement of all those who want to reform the country” insists Valls Le JDD . “We must, says the leader of senators PS, Didier Guillaume, walk on two feet. Must we embark on the protection of the employee and flexibility for the company. “

” Francois Hollande is not a fan of passages strength and know that we can not be right against everybody “

Valls promises to make” improvements “to the text. But how far the Prime Minister, who said reformist, will he agree to go into sweetening the original text? Listening close to President, it could decline quite rapidly. “Francois Hollande is circumspect. It is not a follower of passages in strength and know that we can not be right against everybody, “said a government source, clearly eager to prepare minds for a possible unraveling of the law, even his withdrawal. “The president has made social dialogue a priority on his arrival at the Elysee, where Valls was still interior minister,” added purposely source said.

Valls was stirred in recent days the threat of a departure from the government in case of unwinding of the El Khomri law. He seems to have changed his mind. “Jamaisje will not do blackmail to resign,” says he now. The history of this text, which is written from day to day, however, is not over.


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