Monday, March 7, 2016

Labor law: Philippot will not manifest – The Point

The National Front is opposed to the project led by Myriam El Khomri. Florian Philippot, MEP and number 2 of the National Front, reaffirmed the Grand Rendez-Vous Europe 1 / Le Monde / i & gt; TELE. However, he warned: “I will not show Wednesday, we let the freedom to our activists, voters and supporters to go or not (…) The change, it will not come from the street, it will come urns, and we probably will next year on the occasion of the presidential and legislative elections. “

a generalized casualization

” Ms. El Khomri, she does not know well what is in its own law, three months ago, she did not know what a CDD (…) I think it is used as spokesperson, quite cynically moreover, by the government and by François Hollande to scroll the road map of Brussels, which is of unprecedented violence and which will not create a single job. ” “It’s not having an employee Kleenex, not managing scarcity, this is not organizing the general insecurity of French society (…) we will arrange the affairs of the France. “

Regarding the position of the FN on the euro, Florian Philippot wanted to put the record straight. “Everyone is the National Front for the end of the euro and monetary sovereignty,” he said. If we come to power, it is certain that after six months maximum France will have a national currency, “he promised.” There are two possibilities: either because it has managed to turn the EU radically in a Europe of free and sovereign nations (…) or because they have left the European Union if Europe does not reform itself, by referendum, “he said.

following a two-day seminar and a half of discussions behind closed doors early February in Essonne, with fifty executives, the FN has kept out of the euro to its program , though criticized internally by some who fear that repels voters and the business community.


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