Friday, March 11, 2016

labor law: Valls wants “an ambitious compromise” –

Manuel Valls said Friday, March 11 will “build a dynamic and ambitious compromise” on the draft law on labor, which he promises to “correct, correct, change what needs to be” at the end of a meeting with students and high school organizations.

“We hope, with Myriam El Khomri and Emmanuel Macron, build a compromise that is dynamic and ambitious entrepreneurs and the employees of this country,” said Prime Minister, in a statement to the press at the hotel Matignon.

“to reform, it is not to force it, this is not bully,” continued Manuel Valls which means “correct, correct, change what must be, remove ambiguities and answer the questions that have arisen not only from the employers organization, trade union and youth, but generally in society. “

” next Monday, we will draw to all social partners the conclusions of this week’s dialogue to move forward, and then send the changes the changes that will be necessary to the Board of state so that the Council of Ministers of 24 March can adopt this legislation, “also said the prime minister.

the UNEF wants to” amplify “the challenge

after the unions and employers, Manuel Valls received Friday students and high school organizations, two days after the first protests against the bill.

At the end of the meeting the President of the UNEF William Martinet said that “the fundamental disagreement rest (is) around” and called for “amplify” the protest, while his counterpart Fage said “the door n ‘(was) not closed “with the government.

” This feeling of anxiety about the future of insecurity, we understand it “,” it would be absurd (a) deny, “responded the Prime Minister who recalled that “youth (was) the priority of the five year term of Francois Hollande”.

“at this anguish, we must respond to both freedom and security. And that security, through training rights, we will of course offer them. (…) “We also have about these topics then the opportunity to come back Monday,” he added.

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