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The high school students and student organizations are received on Friday morning at Matignon. “No response does not satisfy us. mobilization continues, “said the UNEF.

“This interview shows that the government has to remember that there were young people in this country, so the mobilization continues, “said William this morning Martinet, president of the UNEF out of his interview with Manuel Valls at Matignon. The latter has stated its desire to keep the project El Khomri law. “No answer satisfies us today on substantive issues,” insists the president of the UNEF, observing that “political lines begin to evolve, the mobilization is very important and that the government is concerned.” After the mobilization against the labor law, the government had decided to reach out to young people hitherto absent from the discussions.

Two logical opposed

Accompanied by Myriam El Khomri (Labour) and Emmanuel Macron (Economics), Prime Minister Manuel Valls receives Friday the two main student union, UNEF and Fage and schoolgirls organizations (Fidl, UNL and SGL). Appointments need to occur between 10.00 and the start of the afternoon. FSU and South will be received. “We are facing two opposing logics to fight against the precariousness of young people, said an official of the UNEF, the Prime Minister tried to discuss other related topics such as business personal account but did not work. We remain focused on our work law of the withdrawal request. “

Francois Hollande said Thursday that there would be” necessarily “” corrections to establish “in the text so that the Prime Minister must announce Monday unions far he agrees to amend its copy. “The youth was my priority and it will not change”, said the Head of State who visited Thursday afternoon at a company in Moissy-Cramayel, Seine-et-Marne, for a moving on the topic of employment. “Until the end of five years, the youth will be released resources for it, because it is our future,” he insisted

Announce few steps, scholarships or other. A classic

for the youth movements, it seemed to be a sign that the proposals made to them. It is difficult for the government to receive young people the day after this first event “without offering some wages judge a connoisseur of the educational world, and especially as Holland keeps wanting to demonstrate its commitment to youth from the start of the five-year period. ” One of the great classics in such circumstances, said the historian of education Claude Lelièvre, is to announce some social measures for student grants or student housing … Given the reactions of the UNEF, it probably will not be enough


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