Friday, March 11, 2016

Bill work. Holland comes in – Telegram

Together, François Hollande and Myriam El  Khomri arrived in ...
Together, François Hollande and Myriam arrived in El Khomri Seine-et-Marne yesterday for a company visit, followed by a round table.

Valls listening youth
After hearing the union and employer claims earlier this week, Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, continuing its consultation and will receive youth organizations today. The Minister of Labour, Myriam El Khomri believes that reform “is for young people can more easily enter the labor market,” Hollande stated yesterday: “The youth was my priority and it will not change. ” But for students and high school representatives, claiming 500,000 demonstrators in the streets last Wednesday, is, instead, an “unprecedented offensive against the youth and workers,” such as to make the “precarious life”.

Taxing CSD: “Not in the text,” says Holland

While new strikes and demonstrations are announced ( March 17 by the UNEF, the main teacher union, and March 31 at the call of FO, CGT and Solidaires), the Prime Minister will announce Monday the social partners how far he agrees to review its copy. For now, he remained rather quiet about its intentions. Bruno Le Roux, head of Socialist deputies, assured that there would be “significant improvements”, including “the definition of redundancy.” While Jean-Marie Le Guen, Minister of Relations with Parliament, said Wednesday night on I-Télé, a possible short-taxation CSD “is part of the discussions,” and that, in order to encourage companies to hiring on permanent contracts. The same Jean-Marie Le Guen has however retracted yesterday morning. Debate “on the table”, for its part, confirmed Myriam El Khomri, but as part of the ongoing renegotiation of unemployment insurance regulations by the social partners. Asked about the relevance of this measure, which arouses strong concerns among the bosses, the head of state, Francois Hollande, has, meanwhile, said: “Tax the CSD, it is not in the text aujourd ‘hui “.

Corrections, yes withdrawal, no!
“The law can be improved, there are bound to give clarifications, corrections to establish,” said the President, who, eager to “address concerns” excluded a project withdrawal law. Preparing a text that is not yet known (…) It will be presented to Cabinet on March 24 (…) The idea is not to remove what has not yet been adopted presented, “he said. However, taxation of CDD or – other evoked track – the removal, in the original text of the article on the extension of the apprentices working hours will not be enough to silence dissent. The most sensitive point of the disputed bill is the removal of the scale of compensation for unfair dismissal to the Labour Court. If she does not get that far, the CFDT will mobilize in turn.


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