Friday, March 11, 2016

The VTC again called to manifest on Monday – Le Parisien

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Paris on February 5. Operation VTC drivers snails and Loti between Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport and the place of the Nation.

the organization considers that the first proposals of the PS Lawrence MP Grandguillaume, charged by the government to defuse the conflict between VTC and taxis are too favorable to taxis compared to VTC and capability Loti (public transport on demand).

Departure Roissy airport at 4 in the morning

One month after their last demonstration of forces, SETP therefore calls on drivers and VTC Loti to demonstrate again to defend their profession Monday, March 14. The rally is planned at 4 am to Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, before leaving in procession to Paris via the A1 and then the device.

The union denounced the “degradation “working conditions and” hard “police controls,” with become impossible access to train stations and airports in several cities of France. ” The protesters will demand access to the transport market seated patients and the ability to borrow bus lanes, according to Farid Aïeche. They oppose further to the establishment of a removable signage on vehicles VTC and Loti, a measure advocated by Laurent Grandguillaume.

 A “large event ever seen in VTC”

In addition, a protest is also planned in late March, probably 29, 30 and 31 March, this time in the initiative union Unsa SCP-VTC and VTC-CAPA associations, Active-VTC and VTC France. If the recommendations of the Ombudsman were accepted, it would be “really the complete death to a large part of VTC,” worries one of the organizers.

The associations predict a “major event ever seen in VTC “, directed in particular” against the decision by the SNCF and the Paris City Council to prohibit access to all Paris stations to VTC. ” “False” information, reacted mayor of Paris who says that the stations were “the property of the train.” Furthermore, “the verbalization is the police headquarters the spring,” and not of the town, said a spokesman for the Town Hall.

VIDEO. VTC: more than 100 vehicles gathered Porte Maillot (02/11/16)

VIDEO. The VTC criticized the government to bow to the demands of taxis (05/02/16)



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again The VTC called to show on Monday

“It’s a shame in a state of law to favor one more than another business,” said Farid Aïeche Union President operators of passenger transport (SETP). His organization considers that the first …

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