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wage increase in the public service: “A measure of justice” – Le Monde

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Press conference by Annick Girardin,  Minister of Public Service, 17 March.

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Why you announced a revaluation of 1.2% of the index point officials

Annick Girardin: This increase will occur in two phases: + 0.6% the 1 st July and + 0.6% in the 1 st in February 2017. It was decided taking into account the economic situation. Inflation is low, the limited growth rates and our level of public debt must be contained. Given these parameters and the number of people who will benefit from this revaluation – some 5.5 million employees, or 20% of the workforce – there is a significant gesture, as stated the Prime Minister. And genuine consideration of the officials efforts to contribute to the recovery of public accounts: the gel point since mid-2010 has saved, or not to spend around 7 billion euros. From 2010 to 2013, the purchasing power of workers decreased by 1.3%, while that of private sector employees was unchanged. Thawing item also recognizes the commitment of officials to our citizens – which has been demonstrated, once again, in the attacks on 13 November. It is a measure of justice

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What is the cost of this decision?

An increase of 1.2% results for the three sides of the civil service (State, local authorities, public hospitals), an additional expenditure of 2.4 billion euros gross, that is to say by including contributions from public employers – except those related to the special account for pensions in the public function ‘State. To post a nurse for ten years with an annual salary of nearly 23,560 euros, this will result in a gain of about 282.71 euros. In the case of a teacher, also in office for ten years, which collects nearly 25,950 gross per year, the boost of 311.38 euros gross over-year. Finally, in the case of a police officer with ten years of service and a gross annual salary of 19,500 euros gross, the extra income is 234.03 euros gross per year.

What do you say to those who claim that this decision conceals ulterior motives electioneering in respect of a category often described as leaning to the left?

the government has not waited until the last year mandate to work on the situation of officials. The Protocol on the careers, careers and remuneration (PPPCR) presented in early autumn 2015, will improve the remuneration of agents. And those in category C had benefited from a revaluation in 2014 and 2015.

For me, electioneering is making fanciful statements and provocative caricatures to stigmatize employees public, as do Republicans. Defending the commitment of public employees, not electioneering is to defend a vision of France.

Do you think the thawing point responds the expectations of trade unions?

It is clear that for some of them, the gesture is not enough. I hope that during this meeting wage, the largest number of unions remain with us and recognize the significant effort of the government.

Officials federations called to mobilize on March 22, if your proposals do not satisfy them. Do you fear a social movement?

They make their decisions consciousness. I respect the time of negotiation, the expression of each party. Again, it seems that the revaluation announced on Thursday is substantial enough for the largest number of unions did not call for demonstrations on March 22. Especially as we open the dialogue on many other topics: the quality of work life, mobility, housing, supporting young …

Early its mandate, François Hollande said that his goal was to stabilize the workforce in the public service by 2017. Is it still relevant?

After the attacks of 13 November President Sarkozy indicated that the security pact precedence over the stability pact. The number of jobs in some sectors (defense, police, judiciary) will be increased, even, indeed, that there is some more agents at the end of the five year period from the beginning of it. I believe that we must not fall into caricature, like the right fact, throwing the craziest proposals: 300 000 job cuts for such 1 million for another. There is a kind of race with shallots in a climate of hysteria fueled by the primary right.

A report will be given to you in the coming weeks on the time work of officials. Do you intend to legislate on this issue?

A mission was entrusted to Philippe Laurent, Mayor of Sceaux (Hauts-de-Seine) and Chairman of the Higher Territorial Public Service Board for the situation is objectified. Her report will undoubtedly highlight cases where the rule of 1607 hours over the year is not fully respected. We will try to find out why and remedy, within three sides of the civil service (State, local authorities, public hospitals). On this subject, there is a lot of confabulations. The communication issue and information with regard to our citizens is very important. I want to overcome stereotypes but also to ensure that our public service is exemplary, transparent, open society.

You will take further action?

The draft law on the rights and obligations of agents, which passes joint committee in a few days, is a first response. However, other arrangements will be made in the text on gender and citizenship to be submitted to Parliament this spring in principle. We will particularly work on the recruitment procedures to open access of the Class B business people from diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to have a more responsive public service, more modern, more adapted to the new needs of the French. In other words, it is now preparing the 2025 Public Service.


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