Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Valls: the referendum will be held in June for “Loire-Atlantique voters” – Liberation

Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, this morning was the guest of RMC and BFM TV. Here are the main topics on which he spoke:

Law and Labour 49.3

Manuel Valls assured that he preferred “convince” rather than use “constitutional weapon” of 49.3 for the adoption of the bill on labor, greeting “positive mindset” the majority after the new text unveiled Monday. “I hope to meet, gather a majority of those, left first, but in general, those who want reform,” said the Prime Minister.

on the amendments to the text announced on Monday, he said:

We injunctions that are paradoxical and contradictory. On one side you have Jean-Claude Mailly (FO general secretary) who said that we sold the business, the other side CGPME who said that we sold to unions. No. We have built a compromise [...] We wanted to give us a few extra days to convince, listen and build a compromise. And it is this compromise, I believe, that will allow progress. Because deep down, what was the risk? One of the blockage. And if there had been blocked, there was no law

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on the possibility of a “CSD surcharge”, an option on the table according to Minister of Labour, Myriam El-Khomri, Manuel Valls has tempered: “This is a topic that is hand the social partners in the framework of social dialogue “. “ Anything that helps to fight against insecurity and to uphold the CDI (permanent contract) to the CSD, (…) while allowing focus CDI, yes, it is a good thing, said Manuel Valls. Be careful not to increase the cost of labor. But that discussion – and I am respectful of the social partners -. It will take place within the UNEDIC

As for Article 49.3, ” we the have used it only once since 2012 “ for Macron law, said Manuel Valls. “Before this constitutional brandish weapons, which was regularly used during the Fifth Republic, I prefer to convince.” Prime Minister welcomed “The particularly positive mindset” of members of the majority, especially socialists, whom he met on Monday night. “Everyone understood that we have built a compromise,” he said.

A primary left?

Manuel Valls has says “very suspicious” on the primary initiatives left, believing that François Hollande was “obviously” “legitimate candidate” for 2017 presidential election, even if it is “too early” to the head of State took its decision. “I think a lot, me, this relationship between the president and the French, this direct relationship. So I’m very suspicious of all these initiatives, which consist basically to get us back to another republic, “ pleaded the Prime Minister.

Notre-Dame-des- Landes

the referendum on the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes will be “in June” “the voters of the department Loire- Atlantic “, said Manuel Valls

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the salaries of civil servants

the government will announce Thursday “significant gesture” for the index point for the salaries of civil servants , said Manuel Valls. “There is a significant wage appointment Thursday (…) it will be announced Thursday by the minister (public Service) Annick Girardin, there will be a significant gesture,” said the head of government.

in 2014, Manuel Valls confirmed the index point of the gel, which is used to calculate salaries of civil servants, until 2017.

the legion of Honour to the crown prince of Saudi Arabia

Manuel Valls called this morning to “stop the hypocrisy” and “assume “ ” strategic relationship “ with Saudi Arabia in response to criticism that accompanied the award of the Legion of Honour to the crown prince of the kingdom Mohammed bin Nayef. We have a strategic relationship with Saudi Arabia. We must assume it. Is provided we share the nature of the regime, its action? No, of course [...] It is a tradition to honor the leaders. Otherwise we will discuss with anyone, we have no relationship “

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Manuel Valls asks the Cardinal Barbarin of “taking responsibility”

Manuel Valls has asked Cardinal Philippe Barbarin of “assume its responsibilities” after the questioning of it by an association of victims for not reporting to justice for past behavior of a pedophile priest. “The only message I can pass without taking its place, without replacing me to the Church of France, without taking the place of the judges, because an investigation is opened today, is to take his responsibilities. It is for him to take responsibility, speak, and act, “ said Prime Minister

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About Germany and migrants

Manuel Valls said again: “I greeted, when I went to Munich a few weeks ago, the commitment of the German people and its leaders, because accommodate a million refugees in a single year, 2015, is of course to courage and commitment, “ said the Prime Minister. ” But we must not, at the same time denying the difficulties, reality. The policy of France, we have said from the beginning, this is not an unlimited home “ he said, recalling that France had agreed to host ” 30,000 refugees in two years. ” Asked about the number of guests at this time, Manuel Valls replied “several hundred today,” the latest figures indicating about 300 people. “It’s nice to have major speech to refer to values, morals, but that is expected by the people, it is expected by the Germans and the French, they are effective European policies , that control migration flows, “ he developed.



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