Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Orange + Bouygues Tel: butchering is accurate – ZDNet France

The agreement for the sale of Bouygues Telecom is close and an announcement could leu in the coming days, certainly before the end of the month. On Monday, a source close to the case cited by Les Echos, we learned that an agreement with Free and SFR, which will resume BouyguesTel of assets to enable Orange to complete the operation is “virtually completed”.

Today, the World confirmed this information, adding that final meetings were again held Monday between management and the Bouygues SFR. Last Friday, it was discussion with Free that appear to have been finalized.

In short, everything is ready for the butchering. For if Orange puts his hand over his competitor, especially in exchange for a rise of Bouygues in the capital of the incumbent, competition should also acquire BouyguesTel of assets for the transaction to be accepted by the authorities. Indeed, Orange
  would recover a little more than 11 million
 operator’s customers, increasing its market share to over 50%.
 Unheard of.

The figure mentioned several times now seems to confirm. Thus, SFR would seize 1.9 million customers of B & amp; You and base operator companies. Free
his side get some frequencies and antennas of its competitor. recall
 that upon redemption of SFR,
  BouyguesTel had proposed an offer already including the sale of its
 Free network for 2 billion euros, but that was Altice
 finally won the lot. This value could be retained in the
 If an assignment to Free Mobile

This device could allow Free Mobile to stop its faster 3G roaming agreement with Orange and quickly boost its 4G coverage. Recall, however, that SFR and BouyguesTel spent a 4G pooling agreement in sparsely populated areas, but what the future of this partnership with Orange and Free, which share the infra Bouygues Telecom?

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