Sunday, March 13, 2016

The under 35 opposed to Labour law – Le Figaro

The French under 35 years are more likely than their elders to declare “opposed” to the Labour Law, according to a poll in Le Parisien. If all the French say 71% “rather opposed to El Khomri law and 28%” fairly good “(1% were undecided), 18-34 year olds say they are 78%” somewhat opposed ” Odoxa according to this survey.

under 35 are 54% say “optimistic” about their future and 45% “pessimistic”, against respectively 46 and 53% for all age groups, according to survey on youth. the French in general say they have a positive image of young people, 71%. the most likely to carry a positive outlook are supporters of the left (79%) while the most severe are those of the National Front (only 56% have a good image)

the fact remains that the look of respondents –y including people under 35 ans– is quite critical. they deem While the young “creative” (73%) and “enthusiastic” (61%). But 67% of French people also describe them as “individualistic”, “cut off from reality” (60%), “immature” (59%) and neither “brave or making efforts” (55%) or “friendly” (68%).

percentages increase over a similar survey conducted five years ago. And young people themselves are barely warmer than their elders in the way they look at themselves, said Le Parisien.

The survey was conducted among a sample of 1,012 people aged 18 and over, interviewed by internet on March 10.


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