Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Thalys launches low-cost offers on Paris-Brussels – Les Echos

Touched by the attacks of 2015, which discouraged some clients, Thalys will rebound in 2016 by launching Izy, a low-cost supply between Paris and Brussels, which will decline most Ouigo trains principles SNCF.

Between the carnage near miss aboard a Paris-Amsterdam August 21, the attacks of 13 November, and “lockout” that followed Brussels over several days against the threat of a new attack, the red train linking Paris to the Belgian capital, Amsterdam and Cologne, had to deal with the end of the year weighing a context that has affected the accounts. Agnès Ogier, the CEO of Thalys, estimated at 14 million euro shortfall linked to bombings in 2015.

The number of passengers was up 2% in the first half, finally fell throughout 2015 – 0.1%, while the sales it decreased by 1.7% to 487 million. On 2016, traffic remains lower end of February 6% compared to the same period last year, but gradual improvement, says Agnès Ogier.

Improved service

To return customers, Thalys (owned 62% by SNCF, the alongside the Belgian and German railways) development including improved service, such as upgrading the Wi-Fi service free on board. But the most dramatic initiative will be launched from April 4 (reservations are open from Tuesday) in a low-cost supply between Paris and Brussels, called Izy. The service will be operated by personnel Thalys, but with two oars leased to SNCF, which will wear specific colors (green apple with a touch of purple).

Izy will practice most precepts cleared in France Ouigo: no bar car, carriage of luggage limited, sales and customer service 100% online … in total, production costs will be compressed by 30%. What afford to lower the price of tickets, with a call to 19 euros and a maximum of 59 euros. Children benefit from a single price of 10 euros.

Pay Options

Tickets will not against or by exchangeable or refundable, and options (XL seat – the equivalent of first class – or extra baggage) will cost 10 euros each. Those who want to make even more savings, even traveling in spartan conditions, can fall back on the jump seat in seats (which will be sold 15 euros), or ten tickets per train “no guarantee of a seat” to 10 euros.

for additional savings, the Izy trains will run on the French part of the journey on a traditional way, not on the TGV line. Consequence: the journey time will be 2:15 on average, against 1:22 with conventional Thalys. An additional way for the company to differentiate the two offers and reduce the risk of cannibalization. This, however, will remain below the journey time by road, said the company



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