Friday, March 11, 2016

Sodexo will make his comeback in ACC 40 – Le Figaro

Sodexo will make his return to the CAC 40 index from March 21 instead of the Alstom group specializing in transport.

Sodexo, whose market capitalization reached 14.4 billion euros had already been part of the Parisian star index between 1998 and 2005, under the name of Sodexho. The company is in good financial health: it started the year with sales up 9.6% in the first quarter of its 2015-2016 financial year shifted. The group has just experienced another important change: Sophie Bellon, ended in January the Presidency of the family business founded by his father Pierre Bellon 50 years ago in Marseille. She became the only woman to lead a day of business CAC 40

The input and output values ​​in the CAC 40 are the responsibility of the Scientific Council of the indices of Euronext, which meets in the greatest discretion four times a year. It does not motivate his decisions but takes into account two major criteria, the size of the free float (Exchange Traded capital) and the number of exchanges recorded on securities. Bellon SA, controlled by founder Pierre Bellon, Sodexo and four children, is the largest shareholder in the group with 37.71% stake. The group is valued on the stock market to more than 14 billion euros.

The output Alstom was predictable

The output of Alstom CAC 40 was widely expected. The group that was included in the index since 2006, weighs only 4.7 billion euros on the stock market. He sold most of its energy activities with the US General Electric for $ 9.7 billion and has therefore refocused on transportation by providing high-speed trains, subways and trams and infrastructure and signaling solutions.


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