Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Paris – Valls back on the sensitive points of the labor bill – L’Express

A sign that the government wants to fast, modified text and qualified by the Prime Minister of reform “ smart, bold and necessary “, will be transmitted on Tuesday the Council of State, before be presented in the cabinet 24.

with the approach of a new day of action to call the student union UNEF Thursday and a day of strikes and mobilization maintained the call of seven unions including the CGT on 31 March, the government backed down on several sensitive points.

Reactions ” that this project “ raised, questions, concerns he raised (…) have necessitated a new phase dialogue. it is a new beginning of this text I call , “said Mr. Valls.

In the evening, invited to say on France 2 if the bill could still change, he did not answer specifically, but defended “ the overall balance ” found on the text, stressing that “ Parliament will do its job ” and voiced confidence about the possibility of “ convince .”

Meanwhile, the Minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri insisted on TF1 that “ find a point of balance is not a drop .”

One of the most criticized measures flagship text has been changed: the scale capping prud’homales allowances will only be “ code .” It was expected to reach a maximum of 15 months’ salary, but Matignon “ does not close the door ” to change.

The CFDT, for which the withdrawal of the measure was a “ prerequisite “, is welcomed in and its general secretary Laurent Berger found the carrier text “ progress for youth and employees .” But Pierre Gattaz, president of MEDEF, said he was “ disappointed ” with this decline, and François Asselin, head of the CGPME, said he feared a “ Reform upside “.

On the redundancy, another article maligned copy has also been revised, the CFTC welcoming in particular have “ was heard “: the judge can verify that multinational not to artificially structure their economic difficulties on the french territory to dismiss.

In addition, the managers of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will not apply the day-package or modulate the penalties without a collective agreement, but they can negotiate with an employee mandated by a union if they have no union representation. Failing agreement, the current law will apply. The draft stared far less favorable to employees rights.

– mobilization ‘more than ever’ –

The new fees are announced: the young warranty support system to work, will become a right for all unemployed youth or training. Its cost is estimated at about 420 million euros in 2017, according to a government source. And ceiling of the account staff training will be raised from 150 to 400 hours for employees without a degree.

After these announcements, the secretary general of Force Ouvrière (FO) Jean-Claude Mailly reiterated its project withdrawal request. For his counterpart from the CGT, Philippe Martinez, mobilization against this text is “ more than ever “, as for the UNEF.

At the press conference, the Prime Minister said “ take disagreements ” with the CGT and FO, which alongside the UNEF maintained the call demonstrations and strikes on March 31.

Contrary to the UNEF, who is planning a day of action on March 17 Fage held that the new version allowed “ continued dialogue ” and will call not to mobilization. Finally, the CFE-CGC will decide March 21 whether the project “ has moved sufficiently .”

On the side of the majority, which was very critical in recent weeks, a new seminar with some PS deputies Manuel Valls was held Monday night.

In a calmer atmosphere than the previous week, the majority of participants were “ rather satisfied with developments “, like the prospective rapporteur, Christophe Sirugue which had set his conditions for accepting such duties. “ Feel better ‘,’ there is real move ,” have we heard.

The leader of the Christian Paul slingers, however, found that there was “ anything extra, or surprising .”

Speaking wanting, Bruno Le Roux, leader of the PS deputies, assured that there would be “ most progress ” the Assembly to vote for it .

On the right, several voices regretted the evolution of the text, like François Fillon (Republicans), who saw it as “ considerable setbacks .”

The press meanwhile seen Tuesday in this version + corrected +, a “ new turnaround ” the government “ not just person to the final “and should not” defuse the dispute “street.


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