Saturday, March 12, 2016

Paris – The CFDT union “reformist” precious ally of the government – L’Express

There is a lot of talk about the central role of the CFDT, but the CFDT will not be manipulated by anyone, neither the government nor the employers, nor certain trade unions that are in the posture , “insisted Laurent Berger this week.

While it supports reform broadly, CFDT denounced a project “ too liberal ” and said determined is to “ use all means to bend the government “if certain items are not removed or overwritten.

If the government does not hear us, (…) we will have no qualms to mobilize the street ,” warned his Secretary General at a rally “ Work. #Faut Act’s Get ” Saturday at the call of the reformist unions said.

The organization is removing the cap on allowances prud’homales a “ prerequisite ” to support.

The leitmotif of the second union (29.74%) just behind the CGT (30.62%) and ahead FO (18.23%) is simple: talk to the government for “ be helpful to employees . ”

In this spirit, organization, well established in the private sector, has signed all major reforms since the arrival of Francois Hollande: the labor market, pension, responsibility pact, vocational training , personal account activity …

You can not wallow in increased unemployment, insecurity. If we do nothing, employees will increasingly fragile , “said his number two, Véronique Descacq.

No matter the political color of the government: “ We are neither socialist activists or relatives of any political party We are autonomous .” Says Ms. Descacq.

But some unions highlight the relationship “ privileged ” of the CFDT with the government, is amazing the recent appointment as Deputy Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Labour Anousheh Karvar , former head of the plant. “ The government can not only with the CFDT dealer! ” gets upset a top union official on condition of anonymity.

– Reformer, the CFDT ‘-

The position of the CFDT is difficult. “ Being centrally in the discussions, it runs the risk of being accused of collusion, which is not the case. The risk also is to think that you represent the employee world, which is not the case either “, said Luc Berille, President of the UNSA. Other “ may ” go to “ + a + Union Government, be alone, and take every shot .”

In 2003, the CFDT had crossed a serious internal crisis, after supporting a controversial pension reform. On the El Khomri law also, Laurent Berger acknowledges that “ debates, there is full ” internally, in an interview with Mediapart pubiée Friday.

For the 50 years of the plant, in 2014, Manuel Valls, former member of the CFDT, had hailed its “ spirit ” reformist, the “ offer ‘,’ forge compromise . ” “ I sometimes read in a particular gazette CFDT would be subservient to the government (…) It is not true ,” he said.

Reform ” central “ course ” replies Mrs. Descacq.

However, Jean-Claude Mailly, leader of FO, “ denies the CFDT Reform qualifier “, instead of the spring FO, he said.

Meanwhile, Philippe Martinez, secretary general of the CGT, who presented a series of proposals to reform the labor code, rejecting outright the current draft, consider “ by reformist trade unionism is gasoline . ”

Guy Groux, a researcher at Cevipof, confirms: “ Everyone is reformist and wants the company is improving “, but with differences.

On the one hand there are the “ moderate reformers ” (CFDT, CFTC, CFE-CGC, CFTC) that “ accept the market economy, consider it is legitimate and the company has a role in social regulation . ” On the other, there is “ much more confrontational vision of social relations: unions consider that the company is still primarily a place of exploitation and domination Here we find the CGT, SUD and FSU <. / em> “.


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