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Labour Act, for CFDT, CFTC, CGC, the Valls advertisements would go in the right direction – Les Echos

very perilous exercise on Monday for Manuel Valls. From 14:30, the prime minister, surrounded by Myriam El Khomri (Labour) and Emmanuel Macron (Economics), engage the social partners the fruit of intense negotiations in recent days on the bill as contested, which has reformed the Labour Code . Alongside the usual contacts, CGT, FO, CFDT, CFE-CGC, CFTC and UNSA, for trade unions, MEDEF, CGPME and UPA for employers, were also invited the first two student organizations, the UNEF and Fage.

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15 h 50: for CFDT, CFTC, CGC, the Valls advertisements in the right direction

the reformist unions, “CFDT, CFTC and CGC, consider that Valls advertisements in the right direction,” said an SMS with the Secretary General of the UPA, Pierre Burban, told Reuters.


15: 45 pm the CGT and FO always require removal

the CGT and Force Ouvrière (FO) said on their Twitter accounts that they still require the removal of the text


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15 h 44 – Valls called to give “a fresh start” project

During his speech to the social partners, of which AFP obtained a copy, Manuel Valls called his wishes a “new beginning” to Labour law. He referred to a “intelligent reform, bold and necessary” . Reactions “raised, questions, concerns” raised by the draft law “have necessitated a new phase of consultation” , which allowed “enrich, enhance, deepen the reform” , noted the Prime Minister. “It is a new beginning of this text I call” , he added

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15 h 36 – a partial rewrite

According to Reuters, which was able to consult the text of the intervention of Manuel Valls, there will be many schedule of additional compensation to employees dismissed without just reason but will be indicative , in accordance with the wishes of the CFDT, not mandatory as originally planned. For redundancies , the Government maintains evaluation patterns at national level but provides safeguards to prevent abuse. “France needs to become more attractive to international investors, hence the national scope” , said Manuel Valls “But there must be safeguards. Large groups will not be able artificially cause economic difficulties on their French site to justify dismissal without being punished “, has he added.

the bill maintains the given center stage to the collective bargaining , particularly in terms of organization of work, but strengthening the role of branches as regulatory organs . For very small businesses and SMEs, the ability to negotiate with an employee mandated by a trade union will be expanded. Failing agreement, there will be no changes for employees and the current rules will be applied. Thus, the bill will not change the provisions relating to penalties, hours of work of apprentices, maximum weekly working time, part-time employer groups or splitting the daily rest.

the finally strengthens the business personal account (CPA) supposed to consolidate all the rights of assets, particularly in the training of young people and people without qualifications . Thus, any person under 26 years in precarious conditions may apply “youth guarantee” that allows you to benefit from personalized support and financial assistance. This device experienced since 2013 will be generalized in 2017. Each employee without a degree will also benefit from a capital formation increased to 400 hours instead of 150 today.


14 h 45 – the meeting begins

the meeting at Matignon between the government and the social partners, where Manuel Valls must have a” corrected “version of project disputed law reform Labour began, said union sources present. It must be held close to two hours, according to Matignon.

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14 h 30 – declarations on arrival at Matignon

side employers the numbers one of MEDEF, CGPME and UPA arrived at Matignon at 14:30, as well as those of the CFDT, CGT, FO, UNSA, CFTC, CFE-CGC union side and the UNEF for students.

“I came to listen, to hear the verdict,” commented Laurent Berger, secretary general of the CFDT, while Pierre Gattaz, the boss of bosses, not said a word. Luc Berille (Unsa) and Louis Philippe (CFTC) said they “optimistic” about the announcements of the Prime Minister.

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13 20 pm: latest offs

According to our information, this is a deeply rewritten reform that will be presented to the social partners on Monday afternoon by the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, after of ultimate arbitrations act since many requirements of the CFDT, CFTC, CGC and UNSA and by the second student union, FAGE.


7 h 45: Philippe Martinez: the “cacophony” of the government

“If the Prime Minister announced that we restarts to zero, restarts at zero. The debate will continue but in other forms “, said on Monday morning, Philippe Martinez, the secretary general of the CGT, France Info. “ By cons if the text is maintained with some adjustments, more than ever, will require that citizens mobilize, those who signed the petition, those who were in the street last week, and all those like them 70% expressed in the polls, are unhappy with this text, well they will have to show “, he said. “As on many other subjects, it’s a little cacophony in this government. “Did he also denounced

Work Act. <- - Sdvenc!>: Philippe Martinez (CGT) wants … by USAinformations


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