Monday, March 14, 2016

Agriculture: in Brussels, the European Commission promises “significant steps” – Liberation

The European Commission on Monday promised a “significant new package of measures” to support the agricultural sectors in crisis, under pressure from member states increasingly worried, at a ministerial meeting in Brussels powered.

the plan

emergency released six months ago was not enough to relieve European farmers, faced with a slump in prices for milk and pork, in a context of weak demand . and an unwelcome Russian embargo

When asked to suggest new avenues by the Commission, the Member States do not pray: “There were a hundred new policy proposals,” said Monday the Minister Dutch Agriculture Martijn van Dam, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the EU.

These proposals should be discussed in the day between the Ministers of Agriculture of 28 and be subject to Commission. On the sidelines of the meeting, the farmers had to demonstrate midday near the European institutions.

The Commissioner Phil Hogan Agriculture pledged to “present a significant package of measures” on arrival in Brussels, but without detailing the contents of these measures.

“J’espère today that things will move in the direction which is to make the simple observation that one is suproduction in many areas farm,” argued his side the french Minister of Agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll.

France, first European agricultural power, has increased its contacts with other governments and considers in particular have rallied a majority for measures to “stabilize and reduce” the production of milk, which levels, exceptional in Europe since the end of quotas in April 2015, contributed to the collapse of prices.

Paris proposes an increase in storage levels for milk powder, 109,000 to 160,000 tonnes ( for all 28) and a temporary derogation allowing states to restrict production. Germany, Spain, Italy and Slovenia are in favor, assured the French minister

-. ‘No money fee’ –

On the pork the requested measures would consist of strengthening the private storage aid and an increase in the ceiling of ministerial aides, from 15,000 to 30,000 euros over three years.

the measures advocated by France should encounter in countries such as Ireland, Sweden and Denmark – which have increased their milk production – and the UK, all reluctant to intervention measures.

Spain also insists measures in the fruit and vegetable sector. “We requested a review of the withdrawal price, for the market regulation mechanism in this sector works,” said Monday the Spanish Minister Isabel Garcia Tejerina.

Among the other proposals submitted by States members, many countries also require export credits, which the EU executive does not close the door.

“If we are not able together at European level to better coordinate and better consult, at that time we’ll go to more serious situations than we know, “warned the french Minister of Agriculture.

But the Commission has already warned before Monday’s meeting that she had no intention of accepting new expenditure for “fresh money”, and she was reluctant to use “crisis reserve” European “because he s’agit of farmers’ money. “

the EU executive calls for better use of existing instruments and notes that the aid unblocked it six months ago n’ont not all used by Member States.

the European emergency plan provided including 500 million euros, mainly in the form of national envelopes of direct aid to farmers in the most affected sectors, Member States can double with national funds.

New tools aid for private storage of skimmed milk powder and cheese were also set up.



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