Thursday, March 10, 2016

Holland tries to assume the role of “peacemaker” – Les Echos

He leaves his prime minister on the frontline. But Francois Hollande, who plays very big reform of the Labour Code in a year of presidential elections, now heard his little music. “always forward” , because it is “necessary” and it intends to show moving to the end, but in the “listening “, ” opening “, ” dialogue “, he distills, eager – according to his entourage – ” put things in perspective. “

” We can avoid breaks “, assured the head of state since Tuesday Venice, where there was a summit between France and Italy. “France has the desire to preserve its social model while adapting” , he said Wednesday at the Council of Ministers. “This is necessarily on the trust must establish the text” , he insisted Thursday.

The Commission should be the normal way

The president was in Moissy-Cramayel, Seine-et-Marne in an SME that uses the new premium in hiring. The opportunity, relying on the rise of this device that allowed “65,000 hires in just two months, 70% in CDI” , to defend the future of the Labour Act .

“Our desire is to create jobs [...] but above all to encourage hiring in the form of open-ended contracts. That’s what young people are asking and they are right. The CDI must be the normal way to get into the business, “, he said, a day after a day of protests. Twice, he said that the “concertation” in progress was hired “to [his] request” to “corrections” .

“Always coating”

doing, Francois Hollande tries to give the role of convener, eyes glued to 2017. “from peacemaker” , a tenor analysis of the government, seeing a “correction shot” by the head of State, for try “return to his trademark: the social dialogue” . And replay the contrast with Nicolas Sarkozy, who proposes to ignore the intermediary bodies.

On the form, Hollande also reveals a less abrupt Manuel Valls “always a little Prussian” – in the words of a leader of the PS – although Prime Minister has, in recent days, the water in his wine. The head of state would also liked prevent Matignon leaves immediately the threat of recourse to 49-3 in the Assembly. “Holland still advance by coating while others believe that it is showing the angles that give meaning” said a secretary of state.

The question is whether the maneuver can work, as the president is unpopular and fractured the left. Besides, on the bottom, the Elysee said the executive couple on the same wavelength. The president had in any case no complaints in the bill to reform the redundancy and that of the industrial tribunal claims. Two points driven by Emmanuel Macron “in line with the Prime Minister” , slipping close to President.

Pierre-Alain Furbury, Les Echos


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