Thursday, March 10, 2016

François Hollande rules out withdrawal of the law Khomri El – Le Figaro

SCAN THE POLICY / VIDEO – After Wednesday’s protests against the proposed reform of labor law, the president conceded, however, that there would be “corrections to establish”


It will not give facing the street. While an online petition has gathered more than a million signatories and that hundreds of thousands of people marched across France on Wednesday, the President assured that he did not intend to withdraw its controversial plans to reform the labor law. Asked on the sidelines of a company visit in Seine-et-Marne, the Head of State conceded that there would “inevitably” “corrections to establish,” but he noted that the text had “not been presented yet.”

“If consultation was undertaken at my request, it is to bring any clarification, all the details, raise concerns, further improve the device to allow convince, while keeping the spirit, “he insisted, saying that” the principle underlying this text is being able to give more flexibility and more security “. “Life is not to retreat, or withdraw life is moving forward, always forward, but forward in ensuring that we can give guarantees and each other” , has he added.

Similarly, François Hollande wanted to show that he had heard citizen sling and policy expressed in recent days. “We must, I believe, answer any concerns. And also give a perspective. Argue that what I have done since 2012, is not just for us to concede to some and allow others to get what they want is not to answer all the categories, and give a perspective for the youth “, he defended, speaking of the text as” one of the great reforms of the five-year period. ”

Finally, the Head of State returned to the that any overtaxation of fixed-term contracts (CDD) be among the slopes of the government to defuse the dispute. “It is not in the text today. It can be in the discussion that the social partners may have in connection with trading on UNEDIC. Today it takes is encourage hiring in the form of CDI, “he said, recalling that” the CDI (should) be the normal way to get into the business ” .


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