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Germanwings: BEA calls for strengthening medical control of drivers – Le Parisien

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Seyne-les-Alpes (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence), the March 26, 2015. an investigator carried by a hélicoptéère of the French gendarmerie flies over debris from the Airbus A320 of the German airline Germanwings at the crash site. (LP / Yann Foreix)

Nearly a year after the tragedy which cost 150 lives, the experts of the Office of Investigations and Analysis (BEA) confirmed Sunday the scenario of a deliberate crash of A320 for Germanwings March 24, 2015 in the Alps.

in addition, the report calls for the strengthening of medical checks for drivers. “Clearer rules should be required to know when it is necessary to break medical confidentiality” said Arnaud Desjardins, investigator in charge of the investigation, presenting the BEA’s recommendations to prevent such a catastrophe from happening again .

the BEA issued two safety recommendations “to conduct a regular analysis of flight disability, especially for psychological or psychiatric problems,” it said in its final report on the accident.

“Many doctors had private information (indicating that Andreas Lubitz note) was sick” and “this information has not reached the aeronautical authorities or the employer Germanwings’ a-t- it ajouté.Le March 24, 2015, Andreas Lubitz, copilot flight GWI18G Barcelona-Düsseldorf Germanwings low cost subsidiary of the German airline Lufthansa, had taken advantage of the temporary absence of the captain in the cabin to initiate the descent of Airbus half an hour after takeoff. The aircraft had crashed after ten minutes in the southern French Alps. According to the BEA, Andreas Lubitz had “deliberately set the autopilot instructions for controlling a descent of the aircraft until the collision with terrain.”

Breaking medical confidentiality in case of psychological problems

 In this final report, the BEA recommends “that the drivers follow conditions with a history of psychological disorders are defined (specifically, note) when they are declared fit to fly.” He also stressed the need to “accompanying measures” to take into account a possible “reluctance of drivers to report their problems and seeking medical assistance for fear of losing their license.” Finally, the BEA promotes the breaking of confidentiality in case of psychological problems a driver.

However, the BEA makes no mention of the mandatory presence of a second person constantly in the cockpit , measures applied by most airlines in Europe since the crash of Germanwings. This provision was recommended by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The BEA does not recommend changes to the current system in force since the attacks of September 11, which provides that once locked from the cabin, the cockpit door can not be opened from the outside. “There is no change in design (lock) the door which protects the cockpit intrusion that comes into the cabin,” said Rémy Jouty director of BEA, stressing that “the terrorist risk is always there. “

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Germanwings: BEA pleads to strengthen the medical supervision of drivers

Almost a year after the tragedy which cost 150 lives, the experts of the Office of Investigations and Analysis (BEA) confirmed Sunday the scenario a voluntary crash of the A320 Germanwings March 24, 2015 in the Alps. By …

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