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“Panama papers,” the recap, episode 2: heads of state, Mossack Fonseca and a game – The World

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If you missed an episode, Le Monde and an international consortium of 108 media launched Sunday, April 3 a series of major revelations about the world opaque tax havens and those who profit

for the day Sunday. “Panama papers”: the recap, episode 1

If you feel a little lost, this is what he had learned from the day Monday in the “Panama papers.”

1. Twelve heads of state involved

The Heads of State and Government who have  used offshore companies in Mossack Fonseca.

We already told you Sunday 2 billion of Vladimir Putin and the offshore company of Icelandic Prime Minister. But they are not the only countries leaders implicated in “Panama papers.” Salman and Mohammed VI, King of Morocco and Saudi Arabia also have used offshore companies in their name or in their close circle. In the UK, the late father of Prime Minister David Cameron, who used offshore companies. In Ukraine, there are Ukrainian President Poroshenko, with an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands

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the data of “Panama papers” have also established that Al-Assad had circumvented the international sanctions through Mahklouf Rami, his first cousin and treasurer of the plan.

they also shed new light on the scandal Petrobras, splashing the president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff and her predecessor, Lula

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2. Mossack Fonseca, a cabinet in the long history

The front of the firm Mossack Fonseca, the  heart of a scandal over tax havens, April 3,  2016.

We need to see his name in the second, closing the faces and off the voice. In Panama, Mossack Fonseca is one of those all-powerful firms, whose business is closely linked to the country’s history. A history blighted by corruption and dirty money since the dictatorship of Manuel Noriega (1984-1990), whose Mossack Fonseca took full part

story. The incredible story of Mossack Fonseca

Mossack Fonseca is a booming business. The hundreds of employees, tens of thousands of businesses created, dozens of subsidiaries abroad, thousands of contacts identified in the “Panama papers” are all signs of the massive industry that represents Mossack Fonseca fundamental cog in the offshore sector activities

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3. If you do not understand everything …

… that some articles of the decoders to answer your questions:

4. A game to relax a little

Welcome to the secret world of offshore.  Become a football star, politician or businessman  and you make your way in this parallel universe to  hide your money.

to allow you to better understand the system uncovered by the” Panama papers, “we put together a little game called Stairway to Heaven Tax : put yourself in the shoes of a millionaire footballer, a politician weighted with an embarrassing legacy or corrupt businessman and attempting to elude authorities

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Alternatively you can still listen to Led Zeppelin.

5. Responses to “Panama papers”

Obviously, the firm Mossack Fonseca could not stay silent after the revelations of “Panama papers.” Here’s what he says.

Putin also criticized the leak, denouncing a remote controlled operation by the CIA or the State Department. In addition, the Kremlin says the leak contains “nothing concrete or new.”

In Iceland, the Prime Minister is in trouble following the revelations. He faces an early rumbles popular: many Icelanders were in the Monday, April 4 streets to demand his resignation as he had explained not want to leave the power

Lionel Messi, the. star striker of FC Barcelona, ​​said the Panamanian company owned by his family, quoted in “Panama papers” had never been used for purposes of tax evasion and never had money. He reacted with his family in a statement while the Spanish parquet announced the opening of an investigation into the “Panama papers.”

A preliminary investigation for “bleaching aggravated tax fraud” has also been launched by the French financial parquet. Earlier in the day, French President François Hollande promised lawsuits.

The “Panama papers” abroad

We have not the only ones working on “Panama papers.” Here are some links to read our colleagues at:

Continued …

See you tomorrow for the next episode. Meanwhile, you can follow all our publications on “Panama papers” in our section, on Facebook or on Twitter. And here’s a teaser for tomorrow.


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