Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Panama Papers: press evokes a “tsunami of mud” – Le Point

Over a hundred years after the scandal of the Panama Canal, the Central American country is again experiencing an earthquake whose aftershocks are felt to Europe. The press at length returns to “the flight of the most massive data journalism history,” according to Le Monde , which published these revelations in France.

This is a “Who’s Who global tax evasion,” quips Hervé Favre ( La Voix du Nord ), a “big planetary bang”, the according to Jean-Michel Servant Midi free and “dizzying” Pascal Coquis Latest News from Alsace . “A time bomb” for The Journal of the Haute-Marne (Christophe Bonnefoy).

Philippe Marcacci ( L’Est Republicain ) stresses that the figures revealed by this “new Panama scandal … only in France, give your head spin.” “Emerge from all this a feeling of nausea and a feeling of revolt,” says Bruno Dive in West while Raymond Couraud ( Alsace ) talks “tsunami mud”. Maud Vergno wrote in L’Humanité that “the scandal is historic. The shock, violent.”

Private perpetrators of their civil rights

Le Monde believes they “stand as a cross cutting unprecedented globalization, a very accurate survey of underground faults that the vow, sooner or later, if nothing is done, the collapse” because no fight “will be credible as this intuition persist a fraction of humanity is exempt, in secret, common duties and the general interest”. To Normandy Paris (Stéphane Siret), “Panama Papers is tangible evidence that there is a parallel and opaque world in which the powerful, they call Putin or Platini, sailing in all impunity “.

La Presse Channel , in the writings of Jean Levallois, provides a” dirty time for smart kids who believed in away at the other end of the world, to deceive the IRS, to launder drug money and organized crime. ” “These cheats then, he wrote, must hit them in the wallet. Heavily. And deprive them of their civil rights.” Jean-Louis Hervois of The Charente free emphasizes that “not surprisingly, the first names on the list President some of the most corrupt regimes in the world, Morocco, Syria, the UAE or Saudi Arabia … is not surprising more to come across the name of Balkany. “

good news for Bercy?

Now, says Olivier in Pirot the New Republic of west Center “If these cheats had agreed to take part in the national effort, many public deficit would be met, many social programs would be most successful … and taxation would perhaps less strong. “

same story in La Montagne Centre France , where Bernard Stéphan remark that” the revelation of this new scandal of concealment capital refers to inequality of taxpayers before tax “. However, it could be for Pierre Cavret ( Ouest-France ) a “good news for Bercy. A thousand French would be affected by these revelations, including a political party whose name should be revealed today … an unexpected opportunity to fill, crates, empty state. “


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