Monday, April 4, 2016

Myriam El Khomri “My bill was not gutted” – Le Figaro

VIDEO / INTERVIEW – In an exclusive interview with the Le Figaro , the Minister of Labour responds to criticism about his law and sets limits to unraveling the Social Affairs Committee s ‘preparing to perform on the text.

Accused by some to have lowered the ambition of his project work law and d others offer a Liberal text that contrasts with the socialist dogmas, Myriam El Khomri responds to his critics on the eve of consideration by members of the Committee on social Affairs. For the Minister of Labour, the text has not been gutted and remains deeply reformer. It is a compromise that should help boost employment in France and out of the culture of confrontation.

“My act is just and necessary,” claims she still while by appealing to small employers, very disappointed with version 2 of his law, and promising an evolution amendment. The minister does not intend to yield on the issue of the primacy of the agreement on the individual contract, which represents “the spirit of the law.” She remains silent revenge on the concessions it may grant to youth organizations, it will receive Wednesday with Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (Education) and Patrick Kanner (City). Just she recalls what the government has done for young people since 2012.

LE FIGARO Nearly a thousand amendments were tabled by MEPs. How do you approach the appointment of the Assembly?

Myriam EL KHOMRI .- With enthusiasm, determination and conviction. The debate begins will allow out of postures and we had constructive exchanges with the parliamentary committees.

What it still remains “deeply reformer”, as you say?

My bill was not gutted. It offers a new philosophy on the social levels of regulation (law, business and industry). It moves the cursor to the enterprise level, allowing players to discuss closer to the realities on the ground. This is essential: it is through social dialogue that companies can improve their competitiveness, win new contracts. We must come out of a culture of confrontation. With majority agreements, nothing will be done to the detriment of employees. Without an agreement, there will be no development of the law!

A dismissal for personal and non-economic reasons is provided for employees who refuse a job development agreement. MPs are against. You go back?

the ability to negotiate arrangements should give companies before it is too late. France destroyed the industrial jobs in 15 years, new hires in ten are in CSD: the solution is the primacy of the agreement on the individual contract, as in the Aubry agreements on the reduction of working time in 2000 . This act is an act of trust in social dialogue because I believe that an agreement signed by more than 50% of employees unions is an agreement that will be in the interest of all. The primacy of the agreement on the employment contract, it is the spirit of my law.

Christophe Sirugue, the rapporteur of the text, also wants to return to the article governing the redundancy …

My law only remember under what conditions apply redundancies. It is not designed to promote, but to mentor. Today redundancies – that provide more guarantees to employees in terms of reclassification and compensation – are bypassed by the abuse of conventional failures or termination for personal reasons. We need to keep this definition because the law as it is, lacks clarity and may be a source of unpredictability. We will discuss improvements that can be made. I eg open the possibility to differentiate, for small SMEs, the number of turnovers quarters of decline to resort to redundancies.

Read the full interview with Myriam El Khomri in editions of Le Figaro the Tuesday, April 5, 2016 and now on the Figaro Premium.


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