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The State will buy some of the taxi licenses – Liberation

The State has decided: to get out of the crisis that never ends of opposing taxis and private cars with driver (VTC) – taxis have yet appeared Monday in Toulouse blocking the city – he decided to end the party antidéluvien licensing system introduced in 1920. … the principle of this measure constitutes a revolution in the organization of a highly regulated profession but increasingly affected since the arrival of competition from VTC is in the “roadmap for the future of the sector” presented today by the government.

To achieve this, the state will set up a guarantee fund financed by the profession by including the VTC to allow those who souhaient to give up their license but without losing their initial investments. This measure was suggested in late February for drivers who retire by Laurent Grandguillaume, the Socialist deputy appointed by the government to find a solution to a conflict that drags on despite the developments provided for the Thévenoud law. A law to better differentiate the modes of transportation by taxi and VTC vying actually the same market. Hence his inability to sustainably solve a crisis that today undermines the whole sector.

Redemption Price Guaranteed

If the specific terms of the new system remain to be defined, its principles are stopped. “ Holders of a parking permit [ ADS, which designate administrative language licenses] transferable and acquired for consideration, will have the opportunity , but not the obligation, to redeem the by the state at a guaranteed price, which may differ from ADS to the other “ , writes the Department of Transportation in a document distributed to the representatives of the profession. This redemption that “will reference the purchase price, adjusted for inflation” licenses – not their current value – will thus be limited to those who bought them on the market of the secondary resale. taxi drivers of which, for some, in debt to acquire the [sometimes exceeded 200,000 euros until 2014 in Paris 350 000 on the French Riviera, record of France] and no longer emit a sufficient turnover to repay them. A recurring request taxis claiming to have seen their turnover fall to 50% in some cases since the surge of VTC in the market.

Those who were licensed for free sometimes waiting patiently until a decade or more to get it on police prefectures waiting lists will not be entitled however to compensation. But the state does virtually distributes more years. The objective is to guarantee to those who have paid their license and resell relied on the occasion of their retirement to fund their old age not to be harmed. No matter however allow free licensees to make a comfortable capital gain on the back of the state.

the creation of this fund, however, need to find several billion euros (4.5 billion according to a recent study by the think tank Terra Nova) that the state, already deeply in debt, is unable to bear . Hence the idea, put forward by the document to do finance by “solidarity within the sector, not to put this device on the taxpayer” . In other words, taxis but also the VTC and booking platforms will put their hands in the pocket by paying a levy on each race to abound this fund. A system that returns in the end to make users pay for taxis and VTC but not all the French that for many of them never take little or even individual transport demand.

non-transferable licenses

the Government does not intend to stop the taxi system since if redeemed licenses are withdrawn from the market, “transferable new licenses will be issued, which may give rise to compensation” for the state . This means that distribution eventually pay, could also help finance the redemption of the old licenses. The question is whether they will have a market while licensing VTC, whose distribution has been frozen until further notice were previously free.

The contours of this new device which will however require, for the State to advance money if run on this starting window will be approved by next summer. Laurent Grandguillaume offered to share issuing transferable but free licenses, intended primarily to tenants and employees of taxi companies. “It does not mean that tomorrow there will be taxis, the profession will grow but on the basis of licenses that are non-transferable” , he explained then.

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