Monday, March 14, 2016

Valls discovers dialogue – Liberation

This is a “fresh start” for much the labor law for the Prime Minister. Manuel Valls announced Monday version “corrected” of the labor code reform, granting many of the demands of the “reformist” unions and opening a new delicate political sequence around a text, which in its first version, crystallized the anger of part of the left. For the head of government, it is mainly a turning point. In mid-February, the Herald “social reformism” was said so ready to “go to the end” that his entourage suggested that a forced passage was possible in Parliament and some lent her intention to resign from Matignon where text dilution. After struggling on constitutional revision and defended every inch of deprivation of nationality in the Assembly, Manuel Valls had to get a little over three-fifths vote of deputies – a symbol. Moving forward, encroaching on the reserved area of ​​the head of state and the risk of creating a diplomatic incident between France and Germany, the Prime Minister was the lesson to Angela Merkel, guilty in his eyes have opened unilaterally the doors of Europe to refugees. Before theorize about two the “Lefts irreconcilable” on his return from Munich. Thrown much salt on the wounds of a majority already scarred from all sides.

Mini mea culpa. A short month later, Manuel Valls is scolded by his foreign minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, on the refugee issue, is found to thank you from the CFDT verdict on the proposed El Khomri law and in the hand of the right on constitutional revision , the Senate examines from Wednesday. “For a guy who always wants to control everything, then he does not control much. It must be in a state not possible “ slips a heavyweight of the majority. More questions in these conditions to push through. Back to compromise box and discourse on method. “It’s exciting to try to convince, defended Monday the head of the government at the end of a round table at Matignon. Building a reform is leading the country towards the interest only worthwhile – the only one – that of the general interest. Today, this text takes a new start. We take a new start. “Valls even sketch a mini mea culpa when he acknowledges that” there may have been a lack of explanation “on the start to the bill. “I take my share of responsibility, ‘says the Prime Minister, which ensures that the government and Parliament will advance” together “on the text and respond in advance to employers and attacks from the right: “Some will hasten to say that we have heard nothing. Others, however, we have assigned or declined. In a way, it will demonstrate that this reform is not that of one camp against another. “

Given the growing mobilization of student organizations and those in parallel trade unions, it was urgent for the Elysée and Matignon procrastinate. President and Prime Minister have spent their weekend in redraft presented as the “great social reform of the Five.” “Valls cash any rewriting and land on their feet in the mode” you see that I also know how to listen. ” The thing is that we did not let him choose, “ analyzed the near Holland early in the day. “Some prefer to lose [presidential] with benchmarks 80s rather than trying to win with those of the XXI th Century” a close replica of the Prime Minister, who is the lack of tenacity of head of state.

since it is Matignon, and even more since the attacks, Manuel Valls especially its mark on security and “living together” . For him, the historic task of the left is not the class struggle, but the defense of the Republic and freedom in the broadest sense of the term. “It does not consider that social issues are secondary, but opted not to talk about it, tempers a government member. His model is the Republic of Clemenceau, not left without borders. “ Elu of Paris suburbs Valls claims his talk ” cash “ when he denounced a” territorial and social apartheid “ or when he promises to reframe an Observatory of secularism suspect communalism, before finally confirming in office the president, Jean-Louis Bianco. But on economic and social issues, his record worth to emerge, although the second Prime Minister Francois Hollande largely pays the ignition delay of five years.

” Hell of Matignon. “ from the summer of 2014, he had yet heard a little disturbing music for some Socialists, removing the drudgery account to the satisfaction of employers. ” Since the social dialogue has resulted in a head to head between the executive and Gattaz [President of MEDEF, note] deplores the rebellious MP Christian Paul. Valls and made tons on “I like the company.” In four years, he went from a small 6% for the Socialist primary for the Prime Minister and presidential candidate. But “Hell of Matignon, it is also difficult to grow its own political personality,” notes a minister. Michel Rocard and Lionel Jospin know something they have never been presidents. Jacques Chirac, he waited twenty years.

Lilian Alemagna Laure Bretton


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