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The “reformists” are mobilizing against the bill work – Le Monde

At a gathering place of the Republic  against the labor law, Saturday, March 12th.

The “reformists”, five unions (CFDT, CFTC, CFE-CGC, UNSA, FAGE) that require a rebalancing Bill work, called for action in a hundred cities on Saturday March 12 to pressure the government must arbitrate Monday on this highly controversial text. They were 300 in Rennes, a few dozen to Lille or Bordeaux, twenty Marseille to pull and talk with passersby. A rally was also held in Paris, Republic Square, under a spring sun and music.

“If the government does not hear us, we are ready to show our determination ( …) and we will have no qualms to mobilize in the streets “, told reporters on a number of CFDT, Laurent Berger, without excluding joint mobilization with opponents text more radical who ask the simple withdrawal and provide a new event on 31 March. “We will discuss it internally” .

“This text is a gift to employers. It is the old hobby of employers, facilitate dismissals “, added Carole Cloudy, President of the CFE-CGC. “Yes, we will study the demonstration of 31 March, if we are not heard”

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the” reformist “want to get a rewrite of the text, ” totally unbalanced “, according to Laurent Berger, particularly on the most controversial points (ceiling prud’homales of allowances, redundancy). But they did not ask for the withdrawal, unlike trade unions and students have mobilized Wednesday between 220,000 and 500,000 prsonnes throughout France, the largest mobilization since the demonstrations against gay marriage.

student organizations increase the pressure

the presentation of the text by the Council of Ministers has been postponed to March 24. The government, which completes its phase “listening” of unions, employers and students and high school organizations must submit the text Monday, March 14 the social partners.

If Manuel Valls has sought reassurance explaining Friday will “build a dynamic and ambitious compromise” , and promising to “correct, correct, change what needs to be,” s are not convinced about the representatives of the students and pupils, who called to amplify the protest for the withdrawal of the project. The National Union of Students of France (UNEF), the main student union, has confirmed its participation in two big days of mobilization planned for 17 March and 31 March, which will also involve the employees in the call, in particular, the CGT and FO

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the FAGE, a another student union is calling for demonstrations on Saturday, said she expected to see Monday if its demands for changes to the text, “unacceptable as is” were heard.


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