Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The government faced a first day of action against labor law – Le Monde

With over 150 rallies across France, the  government is facing a strong challenge Wednesday  in its proposed reform of the labor code.

some 224,000 people demonstrated in rallies that were held all over France according to the Ministry of the interior; and the UNEF union Force Ouvrière announced between 400,000 and 500,000 demonstrators. In Paris itself, evokes the prefecture between 27,000 and 29,000 protesters; the CGT union believes the rally 100 000

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  • Several rallies in Paris
A Rennes is a rain capes festival in  protest against Labour Law.

Held the call of youth organizations, including the UNEF and LDIFs, the Paris rally was joined by left parties and trade unions not “reformist”. “Work Act, no thank you! “ ” Job insecurity, it is better than that! “ ” In the trash, the law of dough “… A dense crowd had gathered early in the afternoon Voltaire Boulevard and Republic Square. The procession started, in ranks, notably composed of young and employees.

Before you gather Republic Square, protesters had marched in the middle of the seat near day Medef, the 7 th arrondissement, where they tried to join the labor Department. As head of the procession, union leaders repeated their call for a complete withdrawal of the bill. “More than ever, we must put the counters for a labor code that really protects employees’ , insisted the leader of the CGT, Philippe Martinez.

  • “the beginning of a movement”

for the activist Caroline de Haas, originally from the petition against the labor law which collected one million signatures this day of action is “the beginning of a movement, even if no one knows what he will lead” . “It overflows everywhere, there is a social, democratic denial, she said amid protesters. It crystallizes around work because it is our social identity. “

Nathalie Rossi, a professor in a college in Seine-Saint-Denis and activist in Lutte Ouvrière took to the streets to denounce the ” general decline “ induced by the bill. “This is a license granted to all employers to do what he wants on time and working conditions” , she believes. If it mobilizes, it is also for students: “I do not want apprentices, for example, work 40 hours a week, as is sometimes already. This is not the future I want to offer them “, she said.

In the midst of balloons in the colors of the unions, Barbara, 55, do sports, it, no sticker on his black coat. If it is not affiliated to any party or organization, this voter Francois Hollande has also mobilized primarily “for his son” . “The precariousness, being able to be dismissed more easily, working time … All this will affect the she said. The general thrust of this bill is rotten. “

  • province Events

Rallies were also held elsewhere in France. In Rennes, where the University of Rennes II was at the forefront of anti-movement First Employment Contract (CPE) in 2006, between 4500 and 10,000 people marched in mid-day.

the North, they were about 500 in the morning in the streets of Boulogne-sur-Mer, close to 350 in Dunkirk, in Arras 300 or 500 in Calais, as thousands of demonstrators gathered in the afternoon Lille. They were also 4500 in Rouen, 5000 in Marseille

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Emma, ​​a Parisian schoolgirl 17 years  mobilized against the proposed El Khomri law.

by the end of the morning, students and high school students gathered Place de la Nation in Paris, before joining up of the Republic. “El Khomri, you’re fucked, youth is in the street! “ they chanted. A slogan particularly feared by the government, ten years after the mobilization against the CPE. At 11 hours, about 90 schools, including forty in Ile-de-France – 2500 on public institutions – were the subject of a total filtering or blocking estimated unions and the Ministry

<. p> “this law is completely unfair, denounces Alvind, a high school student 18 years. We are the workers of tomorrow and this project will help not the workers, it favors the rich. We do not want to enter a job market where there are no rules. “ Francis, a first year student of Law, regrets that the legislation creates ” a total imbalance in favor of employers. ” Emma, ​​17, has also mobilized against “the questioning of power relations” . “Qu it either 11 hours of rest periods that can be cut, or cap prud’homales benefits, these reforms are atrocious “, she judge.

the University of Paris VI, students already anticipated following the mobilizations during their general meeting and thought “strategy” . “This bill is dangerous to employees, students, staff. This implies a rigor as a union to organize the movement, “ assured Nelson, a student member of the UNEF. And to organize the next mobilization. “It will be on 17 March In the meantime, it is our responsibility to amplify the movement. “

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7 30 am in the main hall of the gare du Nord in Paris. The atmosphere is strangely serene. Some travelers prepare to board a train to Lille, Brussels or Compiegne. Without the tens of “red vests” , the railway SNCF serves the passengers in case of special circumstances, you almost forget that this is a day of general strike.

by coincidence of the calendar, the SNCF and RATP have been on strike since Tuesday evening for internal reasons related to working conditions and wages. At the station, where only one train in three was traveling on average, about 35.5% of staff were on strike in the morning. The traffic was almost normal in contrast to the RATP, except on the RER B.


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