Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The French were least likely to go on holiday in 2015 – Le Figaro

Six in ten French went on leisure stays last year, according to the fourteenth annual barometer Opodo-Raffour published Tuesday. A slight decrease from 2014, mainly due to budgetary reasons.

Have you enjoyed your holidays in 2015 to change ‘air? The French were slightly less likely to go on leisure trips last year, according to the annual survey Opodo-Raffour published Tuesday. Thus, the overall attrition rate was 60.1%, against 61.8% in 2014. This represents a loss of 700,000 holidaymakers. An evolution that Raffour Guy, president of Interactive Raffour cabinet, due to a decline in the French budget.

In detail, the socio-professional categories are favored parts at 88%, against 60% of employees, workers and intermediate professions. As for the category for traders and farmers, only half is on vacation.

79% of holidaymakers left in France …

The reason? “This decrease is mainly due to budgetary reasons,” says Guy Raffour. “The precarious contracts have increased, which does not encourage the French to leave, because they are not serene.” Result, the average household budget devoted to his main residence fee for the year rose from 2014 to 1747 euros in one year. A decrease of 13%. “As a result, 79% of those who went on vacation stayed in France in 2015,” says the president of Raffour Interactive office.

Despite an unfavorable economic context, the French seem to have a “need vital “to go on vacation, says Guy Raffour. 70% of those who leave and provide for a tight budget to respond. “The French are making efforts to leave, and pay attention to everything, by comparing the different offers of low-cost travel and accommodation cheaper,” argues Guy Raffour.

Short Stays multiplied

Meanwhile, holidaymakers have also multiplied and alternated between short and long stays. Short stays merchants, which represent three consecutive nights in paid accommodation, had a record year, with an additional 1.2 million French. In total, nearly 20 million French have therefore made a short stay.

In 2015, the French have indeed benefited from year particularly good in long weekends and bridges. The month of May alone accounted for four holidays. Another advantage is the favorable weather, with more sun. Finally, during the oil fell sharply. “All these factors led the French to have fun, and in particular from European capitals such as Berlin and Lisbon,” concludes Guy Raffour.


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