Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tax return: what will change this year – The Point

No need to wait in July! Taxpayers declaring their online revenue in 2015 will immediately receive a document stating whether they are taxable or not. A change said Monday a spokesman for the Secretary of State for Budget, confirming a newspaper information Les Echos . “This is new for this year: this review will be immediately available to users who report their income online,” said the spokesman Christian Eckert

This will as well. these taxpayers to justify their non-taxation by mid-April, when he had to wait until the end of July at least, even if the amount of tax payable was reported immediately after the declaration. In France, about one in two households do not pay tax and, as the finance minister Michel Sapin, the 2016 budget foresaw that there would be “almost one million households who paid or should pay tax income and do not pay it, “thus becoming non-taxable.

Encourage online statement

This review of declarative position to tax on income ( Asdir) therefore will quickly justify his situation without waiting for the tax notice, especially to take advantage of some aid conditional on the level of resources. For non-taxable households, he even used as a reference document to replace the advice of non-taxation. Non-taxable households completing a statement of income will not receive paper however the Asdir that during the summer, while all taxable households continue to receive the same period their tax assessments completed or monthly installments paid.

“The online statement offering new services to better meet the expectations and concerns of the French,” said Christian Eckert in a written statement. “So saying online, we benefit earlier information on their tax situation, often necessary to perform other actions. This is further evidence of improving the relationship between the tax administration and its users, “he added.


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