Saturday, March 19, 2016

pedophilia scandal: 63% of French people want the resignation of Cardinal Barbarin – Le Parisien

According to our survey, they are 63% believe that the Archbishop of Lyon, referred three complaints of non-reporting of sexual assault, should resign until justice is done. Practicing Catholics – 10% of our sample – think, them, mainly the reverse but still remain nearly four in ten (38%) to suggest an indentation.

The Primate of the Gauls there crystallizes the distrust of French people towards the hexagonal clergy in its handling of the sexual abuse cases. They are 88% consider that the problems are “ignored by the hierarchy of the Church” and 86% to regret that the facts are “insufficiently punished”. Nevertheless, even if they consider that the pedophilia problems are common in the Church (67%), the French are mostly satisfied (64%) that they are “neither more nor less likely than those taking place in other structures brought to mentor children as schools or outdoor centers “. An argument often cited by defenders of the Church during the crisis.

to improve its image, Cardinal Barbarin, one of the most eminent figures of French Catholicism, to be close to Pope Francis turned to an agency specializing in communication crisis. In his stronghold, is also, according to our information, the general mobilization. Following the “Business shaking today,” the diocese of Lyon, two Vicars General responsible for assisting the Wednesday sent a message intended in particular for priests and deacons asking them to “help to handle this situation.” They offer their several directions. “Faced with requests and questions from parishioners or anyone troubled by the subject, it should be able to offer a listening time,” they wrote. “For those with responsibility in our diocese, a listening cell composed of psychologists is implemented,” they announced. Finally, “a precautionary measure”, they thank them “not to respond to requests from journalists” before them have warned.

Also, next Wednesday, as part of the traditional meeting of the holy Wednesday between Cardinal Barbarin and priests under his authority, “a time of information and exchange on the current situation with the cardinal,” 14 hours to 15 h 30, the program is “given the news” . For the Archbishop, Holy Week ahead, before Easter next Sunday and commemorates the Passion of Christ, could be animated. Some fear of hostile demonstrations Friday’s Way of the Cross through the streets of Lyon, he usually presides.

Find our entire survey on the Church in our edition of the “Parisian” – “Today in France” Sunday, March 20



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