Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Paris, March 16, 2016 – Work Act, “we no longer have the time for compromise” (Gattaz) – The Express

The initial version of the text was favorable adjustments to the creation of permanent jobs, by unlocking the labor market. But we are disappointed with the second version because the Prime Minister withdrew two measures very important for use in the SOHO-SME: capping industrial tribunals benefits and the opportunity to spend days in package with a direct discussion with the employee , “said Pierre Gattaz.

And to start: “ we do not have the time for compromise Permanent give and take, it ends in the citadels of benefits and a labor code of 3500 pages. allow young unemployed and unemployed! let’s go win-win to recreate jobs.

President patterns indicates that the Medef will” keep doing pedagogy , to revert to the original text “before assuring that” immobility “is not the” strategy . ”

Everything can be improved now must be, and the situation in France can not wait ,” he explains.

My fight is to say to the left and right members: bring this law in its original form, and rate it for the country and we have a chance! cause it clicks for use “concludes Pierre Gattaz.


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