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Orange Bouygues Reconciliation: The anguish of employees Bouygues Telecom … – Edcom

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What future for Bouygues Telecom employees?

While marriage is accurate between Orange and Bouygues Telecom, anxiety continues to mount for 7500 Bouygues Telecom employees who might well be dispatched between operators Orange, SFR or Free. To choose and according to a survey of the CFDT, Bouygues Telecom employees prefer mostly be transferred to the incumbent operator Orange. Recall that the discussions between Bouygues and Orange should normally be completed within two weeks to come … It will then the Competition Authority approves or not this marriage.

What future for 7500 Bouygues Telecom employees?

A few days before the end of discussions between Orange and Bouygues, worry continues to rise for Bouygues Telecom employees. Indeed, they could according to the latest information circulating be dispatched between several operators in the event of union between Bouygues Telecom and Orange. Specifically, the 7500 Bouygues Telecom employees could be distributed among the operators Orange, SFR or Free.

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the Bouygues Telecom employees prefer Orange!

According to a study by the CFDT on a panel of 1,000 Bouygues Telecom employees, Bouygues employees Telecom (95% according to the study) wish upon redemption be sent to the incumbent operator Orange. Indeed, the operator Orange provides a safe environment for Bouygues Telecom employees concerned about their future. In addition, numerous retirements are expected in the coming years with Orange, the operator could therefore absorb much of the payroll Bouygues Telecom.

Despite claims by Martin Bouygues indicating the importance in discussions with Orange interests of its employees, they know that there will still be the case when this rapprochement. But we must still wait a few days for answers … The question is whether the competition authority validate the agreements reached between the operators!


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