Friday, March 18, 2016

Macron heckled during a visit on EDF website – TF1

He was welcomed to the sound of “Macron resignation”, “workers ministers” or “You do not understand!”. Emmanuel Macron was a stormy start to visit the nuclear power Civeaux (Vienna) Thursday morning. The minister has faced protests from dozens of employees who, under the flags of the CGT denounced his remarks in the National Assembly on 8 March.
Emmanuel Macron but noted that the company had to make “joint efforts” and the social commitment EDF was done very long “only in the interest of employees.” Remarks deemed unacceptable by the CGT who escorted the minister to its entry on the site, where waiting for the EDF Chairman and CEO Jean-Bernard Levy. Sébastien Menesplier, deputy secretary general of the CGT federation mines and energy minister should apologize.

The state ready to inject money into EDF

Emmanuel Macron then assured that the state, which owns over 84% of EDF, was ready to “need” to inject money to straighten the accounts for the electrician. “If there is need to recapitalize, we will,” he said. “If there is still need forego dividends, we will,” he added.

Last month, the state has elected to receive the dividend in shares of EDF rather than cash, thus avoiding the public group to spend 1.8 billion euros. “Efforts are all going to do. The state shareholder, we started to do it,” said the minister to the employees of the plant, in allusion to this renunciation of a cash dividend.

“The wage dynamics has been disconnected” from the changing economic situation of the company. “The social compromise was too generous”, also stressed the minister, who had made similar remarks in the National Assembly on 8 March.

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