Wednesday, March 2, 2016

locked iPhone: the boss of the FBI on the front grill to the US Congress – The World

Apple's chief counsel, Bruce Sewell, during  his hearing by the parliamentary committee on  justice, on March 1st.

the FBI Director James Comey, was highly placed in difficulty Tuesday 1 st of March, when heard by a committee of the US Congress, which had convened, and the lawyer of Apple chief to discuss the conflict between the company federal agents as part of the investigation into the attack in San Bernardino.

the FBI has in its possession an iPhone whose content is encrypted and protected by a password, and got to a judge to order Apple to provide investigators with a tool to unlock it. Apple has disputed this claim, arguing that it would set a precedent and threatens both the security and privacy of all its customers

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If some of the Republicans who have assured their support Mr. Comey, FBI Director has been more trouble times during his hearing. Several politicians have indeed accused of wanting to weaken the security of phones used by the Americans. Among them, the member Zoe Lofgren of California, whose district covers part of Silicon Valley, which has been criticized for “ chasing chimeras .” A computer security expert heard by the deputies, Susan Landau, said that “ if the NSA has the right to pirate services, nobody ever promised that it should be easy. The FBI should take example from this point on the NSA . “

The FBI director was also directly accused of trying to take the emotion caused by the attack in San Bernardino, who made twenty-two dead, to influence the legislature. Mr. Comey, who compared the Apple security policy using a “ watchdog ,” had called it ten days ago Congress to take up the case. “ We ask Apple to recall their dog and let us force the lock. Their job is not public safety. It’s ours . “

Main novelty of this hearing, Mr. Comey publicly acknowledged for the first time that the San Bernardino case would set a precedent, which would then apply to other cases – in at least a dozen investigations, the FBI is in possession of locked iPhones

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Apple on the defensive

The Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy, who  supports the FBI during the hearing.

the MPs also put the lawyer in Apple’s leader, Bruce Sewell, defensive. The company has called on Congress to legislate on the matter, but Conservative MP James Sensenbrenner, yet highly critical mass surveillance carried out by the NSA, warned the firm: “ You will not like what comes out Congress. From the beginning, the only thing you say is “no, no and no.”

In a somewhat surreal exchange, Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy, who supports the FBI in this case, was accosted Mr. Sewell. “ Whenever we are debating a new law [on technology], we write, and your army of lobbyists opposed, so I just tried to save time for everyone. Why do not you offer us a text? Tell us what you are willing to accept.

Apple lawyer has in turn held all the legal arguments made in the appeal filed by the company, but he also took the audition to meet directly to one of the FBI charges against Apple. “To say, as does the FBI, our position is only guided by a communication strategy is to cast aspersions on an extremely serious debate regarding the safety of the American people. “

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