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Labour law: Manuel Valls undertakes improvements – Le Figaro

In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche , the Prime Minister made a step towards the unions received Monday at Matignon, but remains determined to reject “the immobility “.

on the eve of talks with the social partners, Prime Minister Manuel Valls engages in an interview with Journal Sunday to “improvements” of the Labor law. These will include “two points” dispute: the creation of a ceiling for industrial tribunals allowances and extending the redundancy

“Bill El Khomri. Sensitive subjects

“SCAN tHE ECO – These supporters Labour Bill talked about less

” As regards the setting of scales for industrial tribunals, layout expected by the entrepreneurs, the adaptations may be possible without the challenge. We will discuss it, “he says. Reformist unions demand the withdrawal of the article on the cap of these benefits when unfair dismissal. The original text states that the damages do not exceed 15 months’ salary depending on seniority, while practice is one month’s salary per year of service. Regarding the redundancy, the text provides that the company’s economic difficulties are characterized (decrease in turnover, orders, operating losses). Reformers want the judges to continue to “assess the reality of the economic difficulties.”

“What is terrible is the status quo.”

with its promises, the Prime Minister made a step towards the unions while the week looks tense for the government, which is to change the bill while avoiding offending employers. The passage in the Council of Ministers has been postponed 15 days, to March 24, to try to find a compromise. Ready to concessions, Manuel Valls says, however, determined to deny “immobility” and to vote on the text by the Parliament “with the necessary amendments.” “We must of course respond to questions, concerns and ambiguities, and to change what needs changing. We must enrich and complete this draft law, “he concedes. “But what would be terrible is the status quo,” he warns.

Asked about a possible forced passage in Parliament, he said he had “never mentioned the idea of implement the 49-3. ” “I want to convince the Socialists left radicals, environmentalists approve this law but I want the law also reflects the agreement of all those who want to reform the country,” he says. It is “convinced” that there is a majority “among the social partners, as the Parliament” to reform.

Making widespread protest

Monday, will be received in turn from 10 am to Matignon, CFTC, FO, CGT, CFDT and the employers’ side, CGPME for bilateral consultations, which will end on Wednesday with the Unsa, before a plenary meeting on 14 March. The numbers of these organizations visit Matignon with the Prime Minister, surrounded by Myriam El Khomri, bringing the bill, and the Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron. Meanwhile, Manuel Valls will try to put out a second fire starting Tuesday night in PS deputies, who imposed the idea of ​​a seminar on the bill.

Demonstrations and strikes are scheduled on Wednesday, the youth organizations of appeal and some trade unions, including FO and CGT, against reform “written by the Medef.” Seven unions claiming the outright withdrawal of the text, including the CGT, FO and United, also have called for demonstrations and to strike on March 31 against a project that is a “social regression”. The pressure is not in the street: the online petition against the project reached Friday the million signatures, two weeks after its launch, a first. And according to a survey, two out of three French expect widespread social protest while another survey says that seven in ten French are opposed to the bill.

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“I never did and I will not do blackmail to resign”

“I never did and I will blackmail to resign. Narcissism, egotism and whims, I leave that to others, “says Manuel Valls in an interview with JDD. “My relationship with the president is full of personal loyalty and respect for institutions”, said the Prime Minister, who said that they had “a form of gravity” since the attacks of 2015.

Recalling that it is “committed to the left” since the age of 18, he ensures that he will not change “the course” that it has “assigned by the President of the Republic, the national Assembly twice and , somehow, by the French. ” Asked about the possibility of a primary left for the 2017 presidential election, he replied: “Warning! This debate on the primary, I am following with interest but if it is to attack the legitimacy of the president and institutions, so I do not agree! “


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