Thursday, March 10, 2016

labor law: taxation of CDD is a track for Government – The Point

The information was released yesterday in full protest against labor law: the government could introduce a tax on CSD. “They asked me yesterday, one of your colleagues told me: Is that the issue is part of the discussion Yes, she was asked by a number of partners? social, so it is necessarily on the discussion table. Did she is decided by the government? In no way I have raised this idea, “said on Radio Classique and First Paris Jean-Marie Le Guen, Secretary of State for Relations with Parliament, who said it was” part of the discussions. “

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the Secretary of State for Relations with Parliament “does sai [t] not so this issue will lead to agreement on this point.” This measure already exists, has also said Jean-Marie Le Guen. “That’s the problem today: the CSD, which cost more than a CDI, are preferred by employers. That’s because there is a problem of the passage of CDD CDI. “

About the same time, the Minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri said Thursday morning that the overtaxation of CSD was” on the table “but under” discussion with the social partners on the new unemployment insurance agreement. ” This is a repeated request to each bargaining on unemployment insurance by all unions. Opponents of El Khomri reform mobilized Wednesday across France, over 200,000 demonstrators, employees, students, high school students, to say no to the reform of the Labour Code, a discontent that Francois Hollande said it was “necessary to listen “.


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