Saturday, March 12, 2016

labor law: the so-called reformist unions are calling for rallies – Liberation

The CFDT and other reformists called unions organize Saturday rallies in Paris and throughout France to put pressure on the government, two days before Matignon announces the social partners the changes made to the bill work.

on Friday, after consultations with youth organizations, the UNEF and the students emerged dissatisfied, Manuel Valls promised a “dynamic compromise and ambitious” on the controversial bill.

following these meetings, the Prime Minister said he wanted to “build a dynamic and ambitious agreement” promising to “correct, correct, change what must be, remove ambiguities and answer the questions that have arisen not only on the part of employers, trade unions and youth, but generally in society. “

” to reform, it is not to force it, it is not not bully, “said he said.

But most youth organizations (the UNEF students and Fage side, the Fidl, UNL students and SGL side) invited yesterday morning consider that they were not heard by the government, with the exception of Fage, awaiting Monday’s announcements before deciding if it hardens its position or if it calls again for mobilization.

“The fundamental disagreement remains. What explains the Prime Minister, is that you can discuss everything, but not in the labor law, “criticized William Martinet, president of the student union classified left, confirming the” day of action “of 17 March and the strike call in the event, including common with FO and CGT, 31.

the three schoolgirls organizations Fidl, UNL and SGL have they announced that they would be “in the streets next week.”

the meeting at Matignon, alongside ministers Myriam El Khomri (Labour) and Emmanuel Macron (Economics), decided by the President Hollande, was announced the day after the protests against the draft revision of the labor law, which gathered between 240,000 and 400,000 people in Paris and several other cities, the largest mobilization since the demonstrations against gay marriage.

Despite calls for withdrawal full text driven in particular by the CGT, FO and youth organizations, Francois Hollande on Thursday reiterated the position of the executive: “necessarily” “corrections to establish” but no shrinkage

. If the first secretary of the PS Jean-Christophe Cambadélis for its part accused the UNEF of “falsely politicize” the movement, the ruling party itself is very divided, with MPs threatening to oppose and movement young Socialists (MJS) very reassembled.

– “sine qua non condition” –

As for Myriam El Khomri, she said her bill, denounced as an increased factor of insecurity, “allow (it) instead of responding to the hyperprécarité “young”

This is the first time a left government must launch a consultation with youth organizations from the student movement of 1990 received by François Mitterrand at the Elysee.

this last round of consultations completed the listening phase, ultimately easier to maneuver the government on this bill, whose arrival in the Council of Ministers has been postponed to March 24.

The executive must now decide by Monday afternoon, when he will find all trade unions and employers (CGT, FO, CFDT, CFE-CGC and UNSA union side, MEDEF, CGPME and UPA side employers), which were individually received between Monday and Wednesday.

Strengthen staff account activity, the main component favorable to employees in the text? Likely, even if the Medef and the CGPME are reluctant. Manuel Valls spoke Friday on the steps “training rights” that “we will of course offer.” But this does not seem enough to convince the unions.

A new surcharge on CDD? It notes the negotiations on unemployment insurance between the social partners, and not directly from the government.

The main obstacle to the executive is up to the side of the CFDT, regular partner, who made the withdrawal of benefits of scales for industrial tribunals a “sine qua non”.

at the call of the so-called reformist unions, the CFDT, rallies and leafleting are planned in Paris everywhere in France.

The right, it anticipates a retreat. “As usual, it will be one law for anything, it will be devitalized, it will be a pretense of law,” judged the boss senators LR, Bruno Retailleau.



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