Thursday, March 10, 2016

Labor law: Holland wants reform in gentleness – Liberation

Ranger matches, do not stir up the social fire. The day after a rather successful first youth mobilization against the bill work, François Hollande has played the card of listening and dialogue. In the media battle that is committed to reform of the labor code, each image account. The head of state visited Moissy-Cramayel (Seine-et-Marne) on Thursday, flanked by his only Labour Minister Myriam El Khomri, officially dedicated to a visit to the new aid package to the hiring for SMEs, set up in late January. Exit the Economy Minister, Emmanuel Macron, which was the target with Manuel Valls part of the strongest signs Wednesday. In addition to negotiations with the social partners and the Socialists, Prime Minister finally receive student unions and students at Matignon Friday. Youth, “It was my priority and it will not change,” said Francois Hollande before the employees Forsee Power, SME 250 employees – including 90 in France – which makes battery systems . But the President was kind enough to speak of a “difficult time for project ‘ for young French in a world shaken by the refugee crisis, terrorism, globalization, unemployment … “a lot of youth questioned his future and I understand [...]. When we know insecurity, lack of access to the labor market, “ continued the Head of State before rolling the official argument of the executive on the supposed benefits of the text for Youth: his mind is “there is more hiring, more jobs and there are more young people who come into CDI.”

“Avoid breaking.” by bit since his return from his tour in the Pacific and Latin America, Francois Hollande plays the contrast with Manuel Valls, modeling his reformist image in the sweetness. “I think we can avoid breaking” he defended in Venice on Tuesday night, the eve of the demonstrations. No break, “that’s something,” breath a Dutch MP, pointing responsibility Valls in the fracture of the majority and the crystallization of social movement: “Some spoke of lefts irreconcilable there is not a long time. “

for a lot of the majority leaders, however, the parallel with the battle of the CPE ten years ago is tempting but abusive. At the time, the Socialists were beating every day on the “youth system” invented by the Villepin government in the wake of the 2005 riots The Assembly relayed protest in the street, who fed the Assembly. What right does not seem determined to do for now with El Khomri law, however, since several party heavyweights Republicans calling on the government to hold on. “The discussions are stronger in socialist sections on markets,” provides the PS MP Marseille patrick mennucci.

However, before a new day of action on Thursday, the first burst of protests was closely followed at the Elysee. “At the top of the state, the atmosphere is not at all” is a flop, “ reports a tenor of the majority. Given the accumulation of errors, both in substance and in form, since the beginning of this story, everyone decided to be cautious. “ Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud -Belkacem, has spoken of “serious mobilization that we must listen” and the entourage of the head of State has worked to erase the image of a power locked in its certainties . “Beyond the accounts [of the protesters], youth always has something to say, says a presidential adviser. We spend our time reading, listening, watching. The concern then is outside the camera field. “

” Nothing tangible. ” As of Wednesday evening, the government, which is to unveil Monday its roadmap on the new bill, left fuiter his first tracks for “improve” text: surtax CSD and apprentices working time (see cons below). “zakouski, nothing really tangible,” says a member of the left wing. Especially surtax CSD already exists since the law on securing employment in 2013, and is the patron unanimously against it. Concessions will have to be more consistent to defuse the political crisis. “If there is no return on the ceiling [of prud'homales benefits], the Socialist Group in the Assembly, which is already proven by the disqualification will not vote,” predicted its pillars, outlining an emergency exit: a national scale without ceiling to smooth the very large differences in compensation based on where they are granted in France. “If we want to believe that this text does it protects deregulate, the first changes to do is reorder the bill to put the business personal account first,” suggests a Dutch senator. “They will not return to the primacy of company agreements so I do not see how it’s doing,” loose a member of the Economic Affairs Committee.

“The law can be improved, has assured Hollande in Moissy-Cramayel. There has to be some clarification to be given, corrections to establish. ” Edit so, remove not. The message to the UNEF, CGT and FO, which demand the withdrawal of the text is clear. “Life is not retire or remove emphasized the head of state, which holds its line. Life is moving forward. always move forward. “

Lilian Alemagna Laure Bretton


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