Sunday, March 6, 2016

Labor law: 70% of French oppose – The Point

A day of action on March 9, more than a million signatures on a petition and a protest in the ranks of the left. The labor law is far from unanimous. And despite the determination of Manuel Valls, the opinion seems hostile to reform.

Sept ten French opposed the bill on the reform of labor law, and 63% think Myriam El Khomri is a bad minister of labor, according to a survey Odoxa for Le Parisien, Aujourd’hui , released Sunday. 52% of respondents believe that can promote employment and economic activity in reforming the law and the labor code, against 47% who do not think the (1% were undecided). But 70% are “somewhat opposed” the bill El Khomri, against 28% “fairly good” (2% DK). 65% want it to be fundamentally changed and 34% that it is “at the margin” (1% DK). 57% support the events held Wednesday, March 9 against it, against 42% who do not support them (1% DK). 63% of respondents consider that Myriam El Khomri is a bad Minister of Labour, 19% that it is a good minister, 17% did not know that she held this position, and 1% were undecided.

El Khomri “not charismatic,” “not strong”, “not competent”

Myriam El Khomri collects 77% of bad opinions against 23% good to people who know, which actually the most unpopular political figures tested by this institute survey says Odoxa. 75% of the French do not consider the “not charismatic,” not 74% solid, 72% not competent, inexperienced 63% and 54% feel it has “no core beliefs.” Yet the 52% describe themselves as courageous.

38% believe that it is the Minister Emmanuel Macron economy that has most contributed to the content of the bill, before Manuel Valls (28% ), Myriam El Khomri (26%) and François Hollande (5%).

60% of respondents are opposed to cap prud’homales benefits, and 61% to the relaxation of dismissal rules economic, two of the draft provisions. But 76% are in favor of the possibility of holding referendums companies in case of stalled talks between management and unions. And 49% approve of the possibility of leaving businesses the flexibility to adjust working hours and wages in the event of economic difficulties, 50% are being opposed.

Survey conducted by internet 3 and 4 March, with 1021 people (quota method).


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