Saturday, March 19, 2016

JDD out there tomorrow? – The

The strike of employees of the press division of the Lagardère Group (JDD, Télé 7 Jours, Paris Match, Elle …) extended Friday, “very likely” to prevent the release of JDD Sunday, -t we learned from the group’s employees.

the 500 employees of the branch press, in general meeting, voted almost unanimously to continue the strike for an indefinite period started Thursday evening against the plan of 220 voluntary redundancies announced by management, according to several participants. He called for the freezing of the plan which aims to reduce by 20% to 30% of the editorial group titles.

“This movement has 98% chance to prevent the release of the JDD (190,000 copies on average), except in cases of reversal of Saturday direction, “do we commented the same source. The fate of JDD Sunday should be known Saturday afternoon.

A new meeting scheduled for Monday

A new AG employees is scheduled for Monday morning at 10 am.

“the proposals are far from sufficient, the plan is not frozen,” said a union source after meeting with management on Friday.

the management of Lagardère proposed to create working groups to review the positions targeted by the plan, involving representatives of employees, unions, management essays, HRD and the HSC, which is “advanced”, some trade unionists.

But employees have called for the General assembly that the direction inscribed in black and white that there would be no forced departure and the suspension of the plan during negotiations.

They also refused the employees themselves choose, within these working groups, the deleted posts. “Arnaud Lagardère We did not want to help blow the group,” said one of the participants at the GA.

A site blocked since Thursday

JDD website has not been updated since Thursday night. The title is particularly affected by the redundancy plan, since nearly a third of writing (16 positions) is concerned. The newspaper could thus eventually end up with a drafting least 40 people.

In addition, the next it, which appears on 25 March, could also be affected by the strike and the weekly could not published next week, warned a union source. However, writing She has until Tuesday morning to finally finish the week.

The spread of Version Femina will not upset

In contrast Version Femina, the women’s supplement weekend provincial newspapers and the JDD, well out Sunday because it was completed Thursday night and went to the printers, according to a union source.

Lagardère Active, long a french leader magazine publishing, a sector in crisis, pursuing a cost reduction strategy and staff, who between end 2012 and end 2015, increased from 4300 to 3500 people.

the new voluntary redundancy plan scheduled for 2016, is accompanied by a program of savings of € 50 million on all types of expenditure.


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