Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Holland on Labour law: “Nothing would be worse than the status quo, or to put everything into question” – The Point

Francois Hollande said Tuesday that “nothing would be worse than inaction or any jeopardizing our labor law”, following the announcement of the postponement of two weeks from the submission of the bill Work on.

“the text gave rise to questions, it is quite legitimate to questions, I understand them. this is why the Prime Minister has scheduled a consultation. It is better take time to better win, and to ensure that France, in the end, to succeed together, “said Mr. Holland to the press after visiting the company Showroom Private in the Plaine-Saint-Denis.

Manuel Valls announced Monday the postponement of two weeks of the presentation by the Council of Ministers of the draft law on Labour, which arouses strong opposition on the left and among the unions.

“the trade unions, employers’ organizations will be received, there will be information that will be given, improvements to be made and then there will be a conclusion that inevitably will bring each other to take their responsibilities, “continued the president.

” I have done throughout these years the priority to employment, stable and sustainable employment. I will not change. For me it is essential. And I want our country to move forward. There is no other path than the movement. Nothing would be worse than inaction or any jeopardize our law, including our labor law, “Mr. Holland has developed.

” It is this will then will continue to m animate always with the same spirit: dialogue, cooperation and respect. And it is on that basis that the discussions now will engage, “concluded the head of state

01.03.2016 12:11:47. – La Plaine-Saint -Denis (France) (AFP) – AFP © 2016


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