Thursday, March 10, 2016

France has begun to create jobs merchants in 2015 – Les Echos

INSEE confirmed Thursday morning the jobs recovery in 2015, although prospects are not encouraging for the coming months according to several surveys published in recent days. According to these figures, revised up from the initial estimate released mid-February, the Hexagon created 82,300 net jobs merchants throughout the year 2015. This corresponds to an increase of 0.5% from one year to another.

This increase, the first in three years (France has indeed destroyed 62,600 jobs in 2014, 65,800 in 2013 and 106,800 in 2012) s ‘proves much stronger than announced initially and concerns all sectors, except always noticeable in industry and construction. But the decline in employment in these industries “slightly attenuated” said INSEE.

Boom of the interim

in detail, however, “in one year, 37,700 jobs were lost in industry (-1.2%), and 35,500 in construction (ie – 2 7%), “said INSEE.

Meanwhile, the Interim employment continues to grow and display its dynamism as it rose 9.4% on a year (50,600 jobs). The tertiary sector excluding temporary work is also progressing but at a much less dynamic pace: + 1.3% with 155,400 jobs created

Third quarter review Net

in the fourth quarter alone, employment in the nonfarm business sector increased by 31,800 jobs, a figure revised up from the preliminary estimates that reported 26,400 net new. While the third quarter is considerably more carrier we still thought it a few weeks ago. While in mid-February INSEE announced a reduction of some 900 jobs, eventually 12,900 jobs were created during that period



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