Tuesday, March 8, 2016

El Khomri law: an “extremely dangerous” for reform Martine Aubry – Les Echos

Two weeks after the incendiary forum Martine Aubry against the government, it is time to de-escalation in the majority. Anyway on the form, even if the substance, disagreements are still substantial.

The national office of the PS received on Monday the Minister of Labour, Myriam El Khomri in the presence of Martine Aubry. Purpose of the meeting: clearing the field and take stock of the differences before the presentation of the text in the Council of Ministers, scheduled for 24 March. The debates were “sincere and vivid” as the MP for Seine-et-Marne Eduardo Rihan Cypel.

“Some things change”

Martine Aubry has not less repeated its frontal opposition to the text, it considers “extremely dangerous “There are many things to change” , she said at the departure from the national office . “I explained to Myriam El Khomri that the reform of labor is a reform that does not improve the competitiveness of enterprises or increasing the protection of employees’ Also, it presented its proposals to improve the draft law.

After his article published in “Le Monde”, the former number one PS and former Minister of Labour had to show that she was not coming only to heap scorn on the bill. “It does not demand the withdrawal of the text” , said Eduardo Rihan Cypel. On the eve of the seminar organized by the Government with deputies, the tone is back down a notch. But the fundamental difficulties remain. “We will have a text in the Council of Ministers of State necessarily different from the text sent to the Council” , said Jean-Marie Le Guen, Secretary of State in charge of Relations with Parliament.


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